I want to thank the Overwatch Team.

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Hi Kate, I just want to say thank you for that amazing story. You're a hero for being so brave, you inspire.
I know you'll beat cancer, you have a whole team with you and I guarantee you'll hit grandmasters(coming from a guy with like 300 hours of lucio, hitting gm as a support main was tough)
I'm gonna think of you when I play Mercy later today, I know you're the best Mercy N.A.

06/16/2017 07:17 AMPosted by Chaos
How has there not been a blue in here yet?

Come on Jeff take a bow! for once it's not a rant/flaming post it's inspirational bask in your glory! :)

It's still only 7:30am in California, hopefully someone from the team will see the thread when they get in to the office. To Kate, lovely post, stay strong and best wishes for your fight and recovery. Kick its a$$
Jeff! Read this post sir. It demands your attention.

Stay strong. You will beat it again. Keep on keep'n on
RoadHodgkin's Lymphoma ?
Thank you for sharing your story, honestly made me tear up a bit. I wish you the best and good luck with your recovery. <3 You are so strong. You beat it the first time, I'm sure you can do it again!!
Thank you for posting this. It was equally heartbreaking and heartwarming to read. I truly hope that your recovery is quick and as painless as possible this time around. And keep your positive outlook as strong and resolute as you can. You've got this. :)
I hope you get better soon! Come on Jeff, show this wonderful girl some support. Btw if you set up a fund page I would donate, and do a bun sale in my school for fundraising. I'm sure loads of people would be happy to help.
This actually made me cry...
I really do hope that you'll beat this sh*t one more time!
Get well soon, the world needs more heroes!
Reading this made me sad. As someone who studies to become a gameartist, this post is very inspiring and things like these are why I want to become one. I'm sure nice posts like these towards the OW team are why they're still working hard on making this game awesome. By posting this, you're helping the team just as much as OW helped you through tough times.

Stay strong, you'll definitely beat this.
Stay strong Kate! I'm sure you'll kick this cancers !@#! My best wishes for you and your loved ones and I hope you recover soon. Stay strong and remember, Heroes never die!
You're Strong. Never give up.
06/16/2017 07:47 AMPosted by Senomar
RoadHodgkin's Lymphoma ?

Keep your head up and stay strong! I can only imagine how difficult it must be but the world needs people like you. Wishing you all the best.
This is so beautiful and sad I dont know what to say.
I just wish you all the best for you and your father!
*hugs* <3
You be sure to beat that cancer so badly that Jeff will have to ban it for throwing.
Hi Kate, I don't usually post(this is my second!) but was wondering if you have a GoFundMe running? The community could be a big help in this situation to help you pay bills since you are mostly bedridden during chemo.
Thank you everyone, who has been wishing me the best of wishes overnight (I'm in NY! EST baybee!).

To everyone who's asked me about setting up a gofundme page -- I had set one up last year, and I just honestly haven't had the time to set one up just yet. (Besides, I didn't want to post one in this thread and have people think I was just hounding for donations -- that's not what I wanted to do here).

I didn't expect to get so much support. I posted this last night after a closing shift at my job, and I saw the post start to fade to the second page, and figured I'd just goofed up by posting it so late at night that not many people were going to see it.

Also.. I remember one person commenting about the use of "cancer" in game -- honestly, I've had some funny interactions because of that specifically. When I find people in game that say "x' or "y" is cancerous ("That team is just cancerous", "Bastion is cancer", "Pharah is cancer",) I honestly have to laugh at it a little. Not because I'm agreeing with them, but because someone thinks that whatever they're complaining about is so bad it's like cancer incarnate. And I just have to sit back quietly and laugh because no, it's not that bad. There's just no one countering that Pharah, or that Widow, or our supports are getting walked all over by Winston or Tracer.. things that a little teamwork could fix so it'd never be that bad.

It'd be impossible to play this game if I got offended over the use of how often 'cancer' was being slung out. It's just too much of a common practice today, and honestly, when I run into people who are so tilted that everything is just cancer to them, that's the time for the mute button. (One of the GREATEST voice options in Overwatch)
Hi Kate, all the best and hope you get well soon!
Hi Kate,

It's impossible for us to know how hard the challenges you are facing are but you need to know that our entire team and this entire community is pulling for you.

When I read your story, I felt such admiration for not only your strength, but for your positivity. So many of us face challenges that pale in comparison to what you are dealing with right now yet we allow ourselves to slip into a state of unproductive negativity. When I read your outlook on things, it helps me to reflect how important hope and positivity are.

We all get lost in our own lives sometimes and very small things take up more importance than they should. When someone like you tells us about a situation like yours, it gives us pause to reflect and prioritize what really matters.

What I hope Overwatch can do for you -- and for all of us -- is provide a community of support, love, hope and strength. I know sometimes some of us slip from those values -- or get caught up in petty moments like being mad at someone for playing the wrong hero. But just because we're engaging in a form of entertainment doesn't excuse us from remembering how important we all should be to each other.

More than movies, books, fine art or music, video games are a shared experience. Without each other, all of the games we love are no where near as meaningful to us.

We are very lucky to have someone like you to play Overwatch with, Kate. And here's to many, many more years of us enjoying life together.

"Together we are strong."

Much love,

jeffrey + the OW team

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