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Hey guys
I was just wondering if people feel they've been placed lower this season than they expected, or is it just me getting worse at the game.
I have a career high of 2900, season 4 high of 2784, ended season 4 at 2416 (which i always assumed was around where my MMR was based on the SR gain/loss at various levels). I play the placing matches, win 4, lose 6 (yes, bad) and i get placed at 2160...
Is this normal? Anyone else seeing something similar?
Last season i hit master finally and this time i hit master for my placement matches, which might mean im getting better but who knows, no problems here
Well i guess i just need to git gud
Simple advice: play Mercy and get boosted. Seems to be the Mercy meta as of late. Whoever has the better Mercy always wins.
its not you... its the system

i hovered in 28xx and 29xx all season last season.. last week of comp dropped to 26xx went 5-5 in my placements placed 2336... seriously lol. took me 3 games to get back to 2500 and im at 2600 now but the people im running into dont know basics in the 2600 range so its a coin toss on the wins at least at 2800-2900 the game play was better and a little more cooperation was there.

i know they drop everyone for placements but i would think hitting diamond s3 and rubberbanding all season in s4 28-29xx my mmr would at least be in the 28xx range.. maybe someday they will release the hidden mmr science behind it, unitl then you just have to try and grind back up.
I got the same feeling as you - the difference in play styles between 2600 and 2100 is absolutely horrendous. Going to people not using voice chat and not caring about basic team comp or regrouping is really harsh.

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