Bring back customization options on console for custom games

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So before going into competitive play I usually like to warm up my aim before a match (because im a console peasent) by setting up a custom game enabling only headshots then putting a whole team of anas on the other team. This was really helpful to my aim and I was sad to see that all of the customization options were taken away on consoles after the arcade mode was introduced to consoles. I am pretty sure you guys just had alot on your plate at the time and just forgot to reestablish all the customization options on consoles. Here are some examples of options I was able to change before ardcade mode: crit dmg inc percentage, hero ability cooldown reduction, enabling only headshots, and increasing max health and regeneration.
You can still set it up..go to arcade mode and on the far right you will see an option to create that..then Go into game modes and select the mode that you want..then go to the Heros tab and select all heros..then imput the parameters you want..then hit L1 to save these settings...good luck!!
Ty for the help bathingcap works like a charm.

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