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So I can't update Overwatch because the Blizzard App has been updating and has been stuck on 85% for ~5 days. This doesn't allow me to play the game since I have to update it and I have no idea why the app is stuck on 85%.
Help would be appreciated
Howdy PunchBowl,

It looks like the app is either stuck or corrupted and there are a couple of things that will cause this to happen. The typical way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app after deleting a few files, you will find the steps for that below. If this doesn't work lets get a DXDIAG file so we can look further into this. Please post the information in a new post to this threat.

Resolving Back-End Data, this will help clear out any cached information that could be stopping the app from functioning correctly:
· Press the Windows Key+R on keyboard
(Run Command in the Start Menu for Vista)
· Type %ProgramData%
· Hit enter
· Delete Blizzard Entertainment and Folders
· Empty Recycle Bin
· Uninstall and reinstall the app, please reinstall onto the C drive

For the DXDIAG (Provides a look at your hardware):
· Press the Windows Key+R on keyboard
· Wait for it to fully load
· Click Save all information
· Name and save, then send it as an attachment in a reply to this ticket.

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