Razer Chroma Overwatch App doesnt show up.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm posting it on Razer aswell. Ok, so last night my dad got me a new keyboard (Razer Chroma) and I booted up Overwatch and was amazed because the keyboard coordinated with the game. The next day I was excited to get back from camp to play OW with the new keyboard. I started up Overwatch and was dissappointed at what I saw. Nothing happened. It was the same keyboard that I modified outside of Overwatch. I tried restarting my pc, reinstalled Snyapse and SDK. I opened Snyapse and looked at my App list to see Overwatch wasn't there. I checked all filters. Overwatch wasn't there. Is there a way I can fix this?
Everyone is having the same issue, none of my 3 Razer chroma products are working. Wait for the fix.
Yup im not the only one then.
same here
Same here, any fixes?
Same here. I have the deathadder elite and the kraken 7.1. the chroma app worked a few days ago. Tried reintalling synapse, didn't work.
This problem has been addressed by Razer and a patch is currently being made for it. Hang tight for now.
I thought I'm the only one has this problem.
I tried to re-install Razer Synapse, but it doesn't work.
I am also having this problem please fix it soon D:
Same here...
same :c
is there any fix? I just installed Synapse and OW but OW app doesn't show up in Razer Chroma

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