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hard to get to masters when the SR gain doesn't match the SR loss. I just gained 22 and 23 for two wins then lost and went down 25.taking just the last two into account, it's a net loss. How am I supposed to climb when I don't get enough SR to out gain my losses when I win more than I lose????
8) Switch roles if you need to. Don't stick to one hero if it isn't working out for you. If your teammates want you to switch, maybe it's a good idea to do so.

So can we report them aftwards >_> cuz I report them if a team is holding strong and one hero is the weak link that refuses to change I'm reporting and fully expect that person to be banned from rank
Also a great way to improve is by recording your games and going back to watch games that felt close and yet resulted in a loss. Usually if you only try to find the things that you personally could improve upon/could do better next time. You can slowly start maximizing your own carry potential.

I'm a 3 times zen master league player trying to improve as a coach/analyst by reviewing replays for anyone with whatever role/league, that is willing to improve!

You can see previous made vodreviews on my youtube channel here;
Or if you are interested in submitting a vod yourself feel free join my Discord here;
Hope it helps! Have a good one, and glgl hfhf everybody! ^^
Hi everyone,

I was just checking out my stats on Overbuff, not expecting much. However, my stats for my mains seemed to be a lot better than I anticipated (unless I am interpreting the stats wrong). I am going to post a link to my Overbuff profile, and I would like some advice on where I could improve statistically. I am constantly working on my game sense (which isn't terrific considering I'm low silver, although I seem to have better game sense than most I play with), and I am usually a team leader that tries to approach games with a level head and establish gameplans. I know that not too much can be told from the stats, but if anyone has any advice on where to improve, where to focus, and even if there are heroes I should be playing more/less of, that would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks you guys :)

P.S.- my name doesn't stand for overwatch league, just Owl. Lol.
Got a bunch of new tips to try out, thanks all!

And for those of you saying these guys giving advice don’t gold or platinum”, if you actually read what these people are saying it’s not a game related information, sure it can be applied but it’s not, these are all things we should know and try to strive for in our everyday lives Smh common sense
geezus, i lol'd from this topic =/ dude who is in plat , giving advice to get to masters ...

P.S. soloq all seasons , beeing gm for couple seasons.
I was ranked in high gold about 2900 then went on a minus 700sr losing streak idk wht to do i feel like im doing good i talk fill but i mainly play support. Idk if its me or im just getting screwed i think i am pulling my weight but idk if someone can plz help it would be great and no i dont have friends to play with sadly if any1 can help plz.
Excellent advices OP, which are honestly completely mandatory for any rank. Congrats for your scores btw :)

I have a problem tho, and need some advice :

I've been stuck in high gold for 8 seasons now (as soloQ), for one reason only : the matchmaker algorythm is random. What I mean is on some sessions, I get paired with people who match my playstyle (flex). I'm mostly tank but I trained hard every hero to be decent when needed. So there are those times when everything works, dps are good, supps are good, people know how to counterpick at the right time, respect their roles and stay decent, and I go up.

And then, the next day, it's a trainwreck of people refusing to analyze the opponent comp, refuse to get the right counterpicks, match after match, or players insisting on picking a dps they don't really master. We get stomped, and all the SR I gained goes away in no time.

What to do in this case ? Is the game just telling me to go brute force and pick what other mates are not guessing by themselves ? At the risk of depriving the team from one tank/healer ? Most of the time people won't admit they're underperforming, and will thrash you if you switch from tank/healer to their beloved dps role.

TL;DR : what should we do against stubborn (underperforming) dps team mates ?
My tips from watching masters play
1: If need be, take lead of your team over comms. Helping your team not make idiot plays can be the difference.
2: Inform yourself of team composition counters. They’re playing dive? Try hog/rat/mcree. Keep an eye on what they enemy is playing. Counter them.
3: In hero selection, look at the enemy’s hero time. They have sym one trick? They have torb one trick? Consider playing pharah. Initial counters save time.
4. Track enemy ults
5: Coordinate ult economy. You dont need to be using tac visor and high noon at the same time. Tranq and coalescence the same way.
Regarding aiming practice, I don't do it on training grounds: bots have giant heads and predictable movement pattern. This is very far from how the game is played and can maybe get you to a silver-level aim, if you are below that, but not much above.

Instead, I set up a custom match in skirmish mode, with 4 enemy Ana bots, where her damage is reduced to 1%, sleep dart and ult disabled. Her head is much smaller than that of training bots, and it is much more difficult to headshot her, making a great practice. I typically kill 40-130 Anas before going to competitive.

Also, comparing to FFA deathmatch, where you play against real players, I find Ana shooting more useful because you can concentrate exclusively on aiming instead of trying to win the match, keeping yourself alive, getting frustrated because some smurf kills you fifth time in a row, and other great aspects of the game. And it doesn't punish you for any mistakes.
01/26/2018 01:57 PMPosted by ADLegend21
hard to get to masters when the SR gain doesn't match the SR loss. I just gained 22 and 23 for two wins then lost and went down 25.taking just the last two into account, it's a net loss. How am I supposed to climb when I don't get enough SR to out gain my losses when I win more than I lose????

If you are good enough to be in masters, you should be having enough of an impact to actually win more than half your games in a lower rank.
i want to get to top 500 but i also want to get a FREAKING SOMBRA POTG. i got one but it didnt save blizzard please fix
"Treat your team politely. Your team won't even want to win if you treat them like crap. You are all here to play the game competitively. Learn how to be a good sport, learn how to lose a match humbly, and learn how to give / receive constructive criticism. This wouldn't be competitive if you never lost any matches, so expect it to happen sometimes."

I will never lose "humbly" nor will i take criticism with a smile on my face. That is just making THEM feel better not yourself. They already stole the win from you and condescendingly said "GG" knowing full well they do not see you as anything of a worthy player. I will not be humiliated any further by admitting defeat.

They do not deserve to tell me what i should do or should not do. especially if it's some nerd who is 16.

1. For each hero go to Utube and check nessesary changes eg. LUCIO = ALLOW
by looking at masters tips.

2. AVoid solo quing but also 6stacks if its random and u or your teamates dont
know the players you will play against a sixstack that perhaps is a long going

3. Dont judje from the SR of the enemy a brand new account in gold is usally a
allt account of a very dedicated player to test a new hero (on the back of others
unfo and this will happen to you) .... he may not know to land shots perfect but
he is no rookie and knows the healthpacks and maps THE MMR IS WHAT

1. One trick a hero and go for the gold medals instead of helping your teamates. The more gold medals the better teamates you will get on next games from the BROKEN MMR

2. Fix 1 allt account, climb with your main hero to GOLD, do placements with your main hero .
Then you will be able to test heroes in a gold level (meaning u going
to have support and tanks.) Naturally u will become a CANCER to everyone else
as in the begining u going to ruin their games. If anyone disagrees that
masters do that he is a hypocrite. Check out how many alt acc XQC has or
FLOWER or EFFECT when they stream (very rare they stream from main acc)

and loosing streak and how to trick it. There are tons of posts here , basically u
need to PLAY LESS COMP. Most masters to plat dont even enjoy their main
account check out their carrer profile on each season they must have a total of 20hours

READ THE 2000 WORDS APPOLOGETIC POST OF JEFF KAPLAN this month for the bad matchmaking system HERE

1. Buy a 140 FRAMES PER SECOND (htz) plus Gaming monitor with 1ms response
and a 12000 sensitivity mouse and gaming keyboard. (video card must support)

GAMES that demand extra trigers like ROCKET LEGUE (there are 2 official in the
sony and xbox sites, nacon and razer Raiju) Unfo they cost 150$

3. IF ON CONSOLE buy ControlFreeks for any controler u got (basically a plastic
extension to help fps aiming)

P.S The mouse and keyboard device XIM4 NOT ONLY COSTS RIDICILUSLY (200$ the device, 80$ a super sensitive mouse in order 2 perform , keyboard ,cables , desk , plus monitor instead of TV...... IS CRAP AND I HAVE IT BEFORE OW. You need to be a mathematician to fiz the balistic curves on the SmartPhone (oh yes throw that in the bill if u are an early teen with no smart phone) , and it acnnot go faster that the stick due to the PS4 algorithms.... you will make your life worse just to land a few extra shots

I made this game a worry in the past to level up and i ended up with a team of VERY EXPERIENCED and OBNOXIUS players who were bollocking each other ,
. There was a point that i was thinking of an insult i got wile playing in the middle of the day wile driving and ruining my mood..... I was comparing my SR to others and saying why he and not me..... or spending like an idiot time on debating weather his main is easier than mine or even receiving ironic messages. ........ So i blocked these talented "COMPETITIVE PLAYERS" and met other players who are serrious but up to the point of NOT LOOSING THE FUN

If u want a target untill the MMR is fixed play for the golden guns I have 11. EVERYBODY IS SUPRISED well its easy if u play your main acc all u need is 10wins a day and u get one in 20days
Only points after 9 is meaningful advice. Rest is common sense.
I need to stick those tips to my keyboard so I read them everyday! It's encouraging to see the stories of people who climbed.
haha the dude is now in plat. idk where he was when he posted this but thats funny

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