error (0xE00300D0)

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error (0xE00300D0)

me and my father have tried everything to fix this (he is a IT manager) but to no avail. we have tried every online step and everything suggested but it still pops up. please help.
have you had any response I get the same error
Howdy Combofied,

This error can be caused by a couple of things from Anti virus programs to corrupt files. Below you will find some of the steps that should get this fixed up for you, if they don't please reply to this thread with your DXDIAG so we can take a closer look at things for you.

Uninstall AVG anti-virus (possibly any security program)

Go to the folder where Overwatch was installed. Right click the "overwatch.exe" - Choose "Properties". Then Choose "Compatibility" tab. And check "Run this program as an administrator". Click "apply" and "ok".

Perform a Scan/Repair

Uninstall/Reinstall the game

Here is how you will pull up a DXDIAG, just copy and past into a new post if the above don't work.

For the DXDIAG (Provides a look at your hardware):
· Press the Windows Key+R on keyboard
· Wait for it to fully load
· Click Save all information
· Name and save, then send it as an attachment in a reply to this ticket.

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