keep locking us down it's hurting you.

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you only dig a deeper hole instantly locking posts that bring up how corrupt the loot system is and forcing players to be redirected into a mega thread you have burried.

we don't see this happening to Roadhog no mega thread for him or the Phara debate nope let the forums flood with the balance request that can easily be ignored/tuned out.

but the minute we talk about going after your wallets boom post is locked or deleted.

the loot system needs reworked and silencing the masses is not how you do it.
Just don't give them anymore of your money. I know I won't.
I bought loot boxes and got everything I need. Sucks to be you.
Bli$$ard only wants their money. Hell of a time for me to travel back home where I can't play. At least I was able to get the Soldier dance so i'm satisfied /sarcasm
They want feedback in one big thread and not in 3628372926 Threads. Simple reason. They have said it already. Stop making this posts!
fight the power
They are rolling around in a massive pile of money. Tons of customers love spending money to get nice items for they game they enjoy. That is why these systems are so profitable

They are going to make them happy before people who want to play for free
These posts aren't being locked in an effort to silence you Michael. In fact, we're encouraging the feedback but in a central location to keep it and the forums more organized. Feel free to share your thoughts in the feedback thread found here.

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