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I want to play OW to have fun, but with all these shots disappearing (e.g ) I just end up breaking down with frustration. It's fine that I miss some shots, but something is so abundantly wrong and I am clearly not the only one to notice it.

The game is actually unplayable right now.

It started out with sleep darts not putting people to sleep. Later I'd notice people weren't getting healed. Enemies not taking damage. And more recently, I notice people don't get the effects of my nade either.

There are too many variables of how these "issues" happen to just pin it down to one solution. I have seen projectiles go STRAIGHT through, I have seen them hit and do nothing - sometimes making animations, sometimes half an animation, sometimes nada. I have seen targets take the sleep dart damage and not get put to sleep. Whether it be latency or packet loss, it can't be denied that it got increasingly worse during a very short period. So what gives?

Last game more than half of my abilities seemingly disappeared. Watched it happen repeatedly to Wraxu on stream, just to mention another example. I want to enjoy this game, but I can't right now. It seriously can't be in your best interest to let this go any further, because every day seems to get worse...

Blizzard, please fix your game.

The latest 2 weeks I've been going through almost exactly what you are saying...
This is especially frustrating when I know that I REALY landed the hit and that I can even see the mark left behind on the wall behind the enemy...
Same issue here....but Iam on a ps4 pro and figured it was a PlayStation issue...
this has been a problem since about a month or so after the game launched...

Can you posts some stats (do you have performance stats up?)

What's your Latency/ping, what's your Return trip latency, what's your tick rate (IND).... do you have low bandwidth mode on for incoming and/or outgoing?

Does your ping seem to fluctuate by any degree? Do you know if you are experiencing even a 0.x% value of outgoing and/or incoming packetloss?

I've been fighting this for ages. This game was registering the shots i was firing very well at launch and during beta... but after the month or so, it all went right down the tubes.

I've stunned and unload an entire clip into the head of an enemy or even just the body with ZERO impact to the health EVEN when on my end it's clearly indicating that i've hit them with the hit sounds AND the health showing up (but unmoved).

I've dropped i don't know how many widowmaker 100% hits on just about any character without a single shot registering on an unmoving target... and yet the same person i'm firing at doesn't appear to be aware that i'm firing at them.... at the last moment they'll turn, fire a single shot and manage to kill me in one hit and all i can do is sit back in total amazement (initially, no longer do i do this as it's just become too common).

On the off chance that my shots appear to register... i've gotten called a cheater... but on average and after reviewing my own recording just to see if i'm REALLY that terrible or if i'm just seeing things.... i've watched as body shots and headshots go unaccounted for entirely... roughly 60-70% of the shots i fire which are usually ones that would be very critical.. even point blank are completely ignored.

As symmetra, If i run into ANOTHER symmetra and we both lock onto each other at the same time... there is ZERO reason why i should die with the enemy having over 50% of their health left.

This doesn't even begin to explain the numerous deaths behind cover and rubber banding events while trying to play mercy or what have you.

I have a recording of what 10-50% packloss looks like too... however luckily almost everyone in the game seemed to be experiencing it simultaneously.

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