Pls Add Healing Done to Symm, Torb, and soundbarrier

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technically symmetras shield is an healing and should be calculated in the stats, every type of healthbar incremental should be consider as healing.
if a target with 200hp takes 100 damage and mercy heals once for example 75, isn't mercy technically increamenting his life to 275, like symmetra with shield gen?
i dont know why u dont keep track of this,
it would be useful to know how effective is torb with armor packs, or symmetra with shield gen, or maybe we finally get to see a lucio POTG with only soundbarrier (zenyatta alike),
maybe u dont have the formula, there u go ://everytime a bullet hits
$healing_done = $current_shield_or_armor-(max(0,$current_shield_or_armor-$bullet_damage));
It would make more sense to say 'Damage Blocked' imo
Damaged blocked, or healing ether way I think it would be a good add
damage blocked it is not really a heal, that damage is not really direct to someone or something

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