"I did everything myself. You didn't do anything."

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You know there's many reasons I won't touch comp again and you've just explained a big reason. People blame you for their deaths (ya, I can heal through LoS or death *rolls eyes*) but somehow have this mindset that they're invincible. That doesn't even make sense. Game is unplayable as a solo healer because everyone else in my team treats it like a death match.

"I did everything myself. You didn't do anything." Everyone has games where they feel this way, but for a healer it rings a little more true. I can create an endless amount of opportunities by keeping people topped off, sleeping the right targets etc - but if they can't kill anything then it doesn't matter how well I'm doing.
Overall I'm not a fan of throwing because someone is stupid, they're not going to grow a new brain after a game, but that's specifically why I press P and mute all. Don't have to worry about opinions if people never get the privilege of talking to me in the first place. I think it's great that you let that person find out they don't have passive healing though. When someone is that much of a failed abortion I enjoy watching them realize how stupid they are more than game even though I try hard always.

They've never played a healer and didn't read hero abilities nor went in practice range with that hero before queing. That frankly speaks for itself.
People that haven't tried out every hero, when they see something like passive healing, they never make the connection that "if healer makes this graphic I'm being healed by them" when the healer is always behind them.
People can see something like a slept enemy and they've no idea who and what did it.
Even if they looked behind, they might've thought "Ana is just shooting at the enemies and missing."
I know first hand because I duo with a person that doesn't like studying the games they play, so they just wing it often.

It would be really nice if the game forced people to play x mins as every hero before being allowed into competitive. It's frankly only normal, and is a better barrier of entry than just "reach lvl 25".
06/14/2017 05:37 PMPosted by DapperDino
That's a terrible idea, honestly. Ana isn't a worthless pick like... Ever. Having our Zen solo heal during that match wouldn't have helped at all. In fact, it would have made things worse. Why are you pointing your finger at the victim here anyway?

We had a Winston on our team that wasn't focusing the Genji and you blame the Ana for dying repeatedly and tell her to swap? Really?

I did not say Ana was a worthless pick in all situations. I said in the context you gave that your pick was clearly being made useless by the enemy team, but you were so busy getting tilted by this fact that you didn't do the smart thing and adapt. The enemy team shut you down not only in-game but mentally. This is a very prevalent strategy in actual MOBA games such as League of Legends, where the jungler would "camp" a lane to focus on specific players on their team, or for that matter tilting a certain player on the other team. Making a player frustrated is an excellent way to make them play worse and make your win easier. The tilted player will be mechanically worse, will make rash decisions, and maybe even start tilting their entire team off the face of the planet by venting the wrong way at the wrong time or in the wrong amount.

I also never said you should lock a dps or tank or anything else specific for that matter. What about Lucio? Mercy? Hell, maybe Symmetra if the enemy team had both a tracer and genji diving you and Winston wasn't doing his part?

I am guilty of sometimes not seeing what I should have tried until after the game is over and I've self-reflected, but never when it's so blatantly obvious as the situation you described.

Thinking on your feet is a skill that will help you immensely if you can develop it.

Okay, first off... Why are you blaming ME again? Why should it be MY duty to adapt? Why aren't you telling the Winston to adapt and focus Genji? Instead of saying I had a bad teammate that had the awareness of a fruit fly, you claim I'm the one at fault here and that it was my responsibility to do something different, like swap to Mercy or Lucio (who, by the way, probably would have been cut down as well by Genji since I wasn't getting help from the Winston).

Sure, I could have tried swapping to Sym to deal with the Genji, but again... We would have been solo healing with Zen and that's just not a viable option. Why the hell would you encourage that instead of telling the Winston to either swap off and let someone else Winston or just tell him to do his job? How hard is it to hold the left mouse button and chase down Genji?

Besides, even if I had swapped to Sym, Genji wouldn't have changed. He would have just kept focusing me so I would have had to stay Sym for the rest of the round since our Winston was incompetent. Having a Genji force an Ana to swap to Sym is a good trade for them, so there's no way he'd get off Genji. If he did, it would mean I could swap back to Ana and he wouldn't let me do that and even if I did, he'd just bring Genji back out to repeat the process.

For the record though, this Genji didn't "defeat" me mentally or cause me to "tilt" and make bad decisions. If anything, I was upset more at our team (the Winston specifically) than the Genji. Genji was doing exactly what he was supposed to... Focusing the healer in the back line. I do the same thing with Tracer, so I can't blame him for that.

There was just absolutely NOTHING I could do against him as Ana though and for my Winston to tell me to handle the Genji myself instead of jumping on him... That's just ridiculous. That would be like if I was playing Winston and people were complaining about the Widow, but I just tell our Hanzo to get her instead. What kind of a solution is that? If I'm playing Winston, I should be the one to get her and pressure her so she isn't getting free picks all day.

If you're going to pick a counter pick to deal with someone on the enemy team, but not, you know... Counter them, then either get the hell off that character and let someone else do it or pull your head out of your !@# and get your **** together. On a closing note, I'm good at thinking on my feet and adapting as the battle progresses, but that's something like swapping for Lucio because my accuracy is bad at the time with Ana or swapping to 76 because I'm missing my shots with McCree.

However, instructing one of your healers to swap because they're getting focused all the time, treating them as if they're the problem, instead of acknowledging the player not protecting his healer (see: Winston)... That's just poor advice and has nothing to do with that healer adapting, honestly. I can't tell you how many times I've been able to pick off a Mercy with Tracer from behind because people just do NOT protect her. You really going to tell me it's the Mercy's fault for always dying?

You're not going to blame the McCree for not focusing the Tracer at all? See, that's the kind of mentality I have a problem with right there. Mercy can only do so much on her own. Ana can only do so much on her own as well. This is a team game, so if you're not helping your team, you're not playing the game right.

Due to Genji helping HIS team, but Winston not helping MY team, that set off a chain reaction so I was unable to help my team as well, so we were unable to hold the points, and we lost. It's just simple math, honestly. Protect your healer and keep them alive so they can keep you alive. The moment you stop doing this, you forfeit the right to complain when you aren't receiving healing and you sure as HELL can't blame the healer for not "adapting" and claiming that's why you lost.
I don't understand why would you trow a game over 2 ignorant teammates. I would just swap to other hero.
Remember OP. If you get blame from kids, you need recall the Zen quote: "The pain is the best teacher". And now you need to pick: Sombra, Widow or Hanzo. You need be a nonconformist with ungrateful ppl. If match will lose - they have a pain lesson from you.
Or, if you don't want pick "useless three", u can pick dps and make the delusion of actions and benefits.
06/15/2017 03:28 AMPosted by Norbert
I don't understand why would you trow a game over 2 ignorant teammates. I would just swap to other hero.

Letting Zen solo heal would have been just as bad as throwing though. There's no way he could have helped keep everyone up if I had swapped off of Ana. I'm sure if I would have swapped to Mercy or Lucio, he'd probably be saying the same stuff though, claiming I wasn't helping him at all, and wasn't helping anyone in any way, since clearly he's the only one out there.

I just get so sick of teammates that run in like Rambo, thinking they're going to make it out of a 1v3 or something, or think they're the most important person out there on the battlefield and they don't need their teammates. It's not like depending on your healers to keep you alive makes you any less independent. It's just part of the game. We're SUPPOSED to keep you alive... Much like you're supposed to keep US alive.

There's no reason for any player on the team to become egotistical and be like "Oh yeah! I'm the most important person here and you're all useless!" That's just not a good mentality to have with you in a team game. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with someone like that on their team.

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