Supposed to help my stress problems. Just making it worse

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I don't know of too many multiplayer games though could be called 'stress-relieving'...
06/09/2017 10:31 PMPosted by TemiasM
I don't know of too many multiplayer games though could be called 'stress-relieving'...

Hell is other people.
Competitive type settings ( comp mode ) is probably best to avoid at all costs then. Since the push to win is significantly higher since there's something at stake with it.

Other then that, so far the other games have seen more stress free, at least from the rounds I've been playing.
The best you can do for fix your anxiety is

Allow your body discharge all that energy instead of AVOID. If you are getting anxious dont fight vs that just allow urself feel that and if you are about to have a panic attack feel that dont try calm that. Doing this you will feel good in days without need pills or anything

in OW play mystery heros, quickplay for fun. If your anxiety is "FINE" then play competitive but be carefull with the stress dont play to WIN

Overwatch is a really frustrating game cuz is team dependent and if your team fails you lose the match =/
06/09/2017 08:23 PMPosted by Alowynn
If you can't handle an online, competitive, multiplayer game, you should just quit and go play something like minecraft.

this guy kind of nailed it.

all you C U Next TuesdayS who downvoted this I feel bad for your children.
I feel the same way, I have those exact problems, dont feel alone. To help, I almost never play comp and I always play Arcade mode (rarely qp). I enjoyed Total Mayhem for a bit, but that can get a bit strenuous and repetitive. I personally like to play Mystery Heroes as you dont really need to be concerned about team composition.

As an artist myself, don't lose hope in your art. I go through days where I don't draw, and I (and others) can tell my mood gets progressively worse.

If Overwatch doesn't work, try other games, first-person shooter or not. Older games, like Zelda, really help my art inspiration and are calming overall. I've recently started playing Persona 5, it's amazing and I definitely recommend it.

Just remember you're not alone, and I hope this helps :)

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