Seeking Feedback: Additional Reticle Colors

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06/13/2017 01:03 PMPosted by Silawatsi
Not a color, but I'd like a reticule with thicker lines. It's the exact opposite of what some players want, but my eyes often "tune out" the reticle because the lines are so thin and faint (especially if I'm under pressure from an enemy). My aim goes down the pipes whenever this happens.

Maybe have a slider for line thickness/opacity?

I have the same problem, especially when I'm playing Widow. I prefer the short crosshairs because I find it easier to pinpoint with them and the dot is too hard for me to see most of the time, but I'm really bad for tuning out the reticle altogether. When I force myself to concentrate on it I get picks, but it's so hard to focus. Then again I'm on console so it's not like Widow's that great to play anyway. Still, I enjoy playing her a lot when I'm having a good day, and a lot of times no one wants to go Widow to counter Pharah or another Widow 9_9

As for colors, I don't particularly care, but I appreciate you devs for working on this for other folks. You guys are great, keep up the good work. ^^d
Crosshair gap size, size, thickness, and opacity would be amazing options to have and customize.

I would like to see a orange reticle

R - 255
B - 0
G - 127
We really need a burnt orange because red is too dark and it matches the enemy's outline color. A burnt orange would be perfect because it's not too dark and not too bright like yellow. Should be a great alternative for Green.
Here's some feedback from a person who has been playing for a year:

This is a worthless topic and not an issue which should be receiving any focus at all from any developer for Overwatch at this time.
Could I raise attention that when S76 has the circle with bloom off, his crosshair is a Dot. This has been something that has annoyed me since day 1. So if you could fix that, that would be awesome
06/12/2017 03:34 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
I know many will request a straight up color-picker. While we think that's a killer idea, it's simply out of scope for what we can deliver on this pass.

Does that mean that the reticles are just a series of images that are loaded as assets?

How about giving us the ability to make our own reticles? Kind of like how you can make your own Minecraft skin by uploading it to their website? Though, that might be beyond the scope of this pass too, since that requires a FTP web client and game integration on an account-by-account basis... but it's still a thought that could be put on the backburner, just like a color picker would be.


I know I'm in the minority here, but I'd prefer to have slightly translucent reticles. Can we get all of the existing reticle colors with like... 70% opacity on them or something?

Are alpha values even supported?
bf3eff please! This is my favorite neon-purple color for crosshairs; it doesn't blend with anything under any circumstances.

Also, while we're on this topic I'd really like to have an option for a crosshair style that keeps track of ability cooldowns on the sides as semi-transparent bars that fill up as abilities are ready. I doodled a crappy one with Tracer as the example to give a rough approximation of what that would look like. If you remember the crosshairs in HL2 keeping track of HP/armor, the appearance would be quite similar.
bright light blue.

RGB: 0,255,255.

been using this custom colors for more than 2 years in BF4 before overwatch release. that's 3 years + now.
having problem with current available colors and had to use yellow 'coz it's the only one that isn't white and has least confliction with in-game colors (blue and green are teammate colors).

Would be nice to have T-like crosshair with very small dot in mid. Just like cobra sight in BF4.
This may be a bit harder to implement, but a photo-negative crosshair would stand out on anything.
I know it's not a color, but I would love to be able to have a thin black outline around the crosshair.

It would really help to keep lighter colors easily visible on similar colored backgrounds.
I think a false color/ color changing crosshair would be useful if it changed according to the background hiding behind the crosshair itself. Perhaps like a crosshair that was just the opposite color of whatever is behind it (ex. white becomes black, blue becomes yellow, red becomes turquoise, etc.)
I think having the option to have an outline color would be really cool because sometimes, admitting, I lose my crosshair. It would be nice to have with maybe a few pixels of thickness and with the color options available for the main crosshair.
I'm going to assume a middle finger "FU" crosshair is out of the question.

Please give is the ability to adjust how bright or dark the cross hair colour is.
Is Jeff saying that the color picker is impossible to implement, or is he just saying that they're not doing updates of that scale at the moment?
Why not add a color scale?
Can we have reticle slights base on are tier ranks like a bronze reticle , sliver , plat , ect
Realistically; gold, silver, bright pink, another brighter red, or as many have suggested al ready a colour wheel to creat our own.

Unrealistic; A Rainbow retacle would be so cool or just one thats shifts colour, more for fun then practicality.

But gold is a MUST!!!
I would like to have a color per map, that is high contrast with the palette of colors of the map( the negative color of the palette?). Also that the crosshair changes from map to map.

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