Capture Points not activating in Custom Games - 0.0 Seconds

Bug Report
Hey there!

I've fairly recently bought Overwatch on the PS4 after having it on PC for almost a year, I decided to move over to PS4 to play with my friends and mess about in general.

With this motive, I've been setting up a lot of Custom Games on the PS4 and our favorite being a balanced Boss Fight using a custom Elimination mode. However, almost every round the capture point that forces them to fight, breaks and simply doesn't activate.

The yellow ring around the capture point vanishes and the timer gets stuck at 0.0 seconds. This allows both sides to run away from the objective, defeating the point of me enabling it in the first place.

This has been happening as far back as May 29th as another Forum Post suggests the exact same issue I'm having here.

Please come back to me if you need any further details.

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