Highlight Recording: Error (Unknown Error)

PTR Bug Report
While trying to record a highlight, I am prompted with the loading of the Highlight/POTG followed by an error message popping up stating there is an error, but its labeled "unknown error." (provided in video linked below) Then it just continues to say Loading Highlight with the bar complete but nothing else happens unless you hit cancel.

Also when you hit the recorded highlight it just briefly shows a black screen and then returns to the menu.

So yeah, not sure what's wrong.

Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoWWRxv1fpE
I have just the same error

Tried moving my PTR client to C drive, didn't help at all.
Tried repairing my PTR client. Didn't help either.

I run on Windows 8.1

Let's create a bigger topic on the matter of problem here, for greater visibility.
I have the same issue aswell
Same issue. Just flat out doesn't work.

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