Sound and visuals still working, no keyboard response

Bug Report
Started when I tried to tab pull up the team comp. Made everything out of focus and showed absolutely no UI. Stopped responding to any keyboard actions and lost mouse cursor. This has happened in multiple games now since the most recent patch. Has NEVER happened before in the entire year I have played this game.

Apparrently this is the cause? "This has happened to me before but turns out it is a feature that disables all the HUD, and in turn hides ALL the buttons in the esc menu, leaving you with a blurry screen. To fix it just press ALT+Z.
PS; it also hides your cursor."

WHY is this a thing? If a end-user does not even know what keys disables all of this, how in the world are they supposed to be able to enable the HUD again? Very poor design.

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