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I really do love this game a lot but i feel like its playerbase is as toxic as i have nerver seen in any other video game (not even LOL). Im sitting here writing this after a session of competitive OW and im just really questioning myself why i even started playing today. Approximately every 2nd game someone is leaving. In any other the voice com is not used to communicate but to !@#$talk. Nobody seems to be willing to win games by picking dps only and not working as a team. Team and Match chat are f...ed up as well spammed with flaming and %^-*talk.

Im a Silver player and im trying hard to improve on aim positioning and ult economy but it really doesnt matter how well u are playing (if your skilllevel is not master or above) if your team is throwing and insulting each other. Its a team game right? So you shouldnt be able to win 1 v 6 and thats fine. But climbing and developing personal skill is nearly impossible (at least for me)

I am definitly aware that this behavior is not common in every skill level and its more less a "lower tier" problem but its it really hard to keep up motivation and remain positive with whats going on in Comp OW.

I know its not blizzards job to cure humanity but i think something has to be done towards those abusive flamers and egos to make this community as great as for example Starcrafts (exept avilo maybe :D)

Feel free to dicuss and maybe work out a solution
I hate trolls and memers for a pasion. And most of these people tend to be underage kids or teenager. It's mostly thanks to these people.
I hear ya man, its unfortunate but a lot of players are toxic in this community. I think it has to do a lot with the genre to tell you the truth. I see it in mostly MOBAs and FPS games. The only suggestion i make is that when i do run into toxic players i call them out but in a respectful and logical way and sometimes it actually works and they listen. For example, if i see a player harrasing another player, or picking a dps when we need heals and tank, i would say something like, "Hey i dont mind going heals or tank if someone else could swap the other". Be part of the change you want to see and it really has a postive impact on those you play with. With harassment i simply call them out on being toxic. Ill say something like "Cmon man, thats just being toxic and we have enough toxicity going around, i get your mad and stuff but its a game and its here for us to have fun. I try to keep it light and fun without getting into hostile territory with namecalling. Some people will respond with a barrage of insults but actually a lot of people apologize and say "ya your right, i hear ya" and its those people that make it worth it. Try to be that person who stands up to toxcicity without being toxic back. It's hard to do but its worth it in the end
with the taste of ur lips im on a run. ur toxic im slippin under
It's because everyone thinks they're god's gift to this game. When these jokers get on voice I just instantly leave or mute them. It's ridiculous.
It would be nice if there was an easier way to mute people like this. The behavior won't change but having to go to the social menu in the middle of a match when you are still trying to succeed is a pain. Some people are just awful even if you are on track for a win they pick on people and just disrupt the whole flow the rest of the team has.
You know? Cpus fight pretty good. I wonder if we can exchange members with them
It would be really nice to get like a cpu when sombody of your team leaves the match. It is like that in Heroes of the storm and it ensures that the match isnt like flat out lost when u have a dc or computer issue.
And while i see the point that you should not que up a com game and get placed into a leaver spot I think it should be possible to fill with quickplay players. In QP ith happens all the time that you join a match that has already been going on for a couple of minutes. Why dont fill leaver spots with QP people? They dont loose anything and even if they just derp around its better than a 5v6. And for people who dont like a competitive tryhard environment you could just give them a checkbox with smt like "Fill com matches" on or off...
I think that would do a lot for the game
It's not a lower tier problem. I have a few friends in much higher ranks than myself(reaching as high as master's) and they've basically quit playing comp unless they have a 5-stack because of toxicity.
06/22/2017 08:31 PMPosted by Casdir
I hate trolls and memers for a pasion. And most of these people tend to be underage kids or teenager. It's mostly thanks to these people.
In my experience, most of these people are fully grown men. It's sad.
06/22/2017 08:31 PMPosted by Casdir
I hate trolls and memers for a pasion. And most of these people tend to be underage kids or teenager. It's mostly thanks to these people.

I've had people of all age ranges talking down or threatening things. Thats a false generalization. Ive had little kids that may be an annoyance, but thats what kids do, and I'd take an annoying 8yr old on my team over any toxic person ever

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