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This may not seem like an issue to many or might even seem offensive to some who constantly have high ping but please don't flame me. I usually play on servers with a ping of 5ms but every now and then i get servers that are about 180ms. This significantly affects the way I have to play and is far from what I am used to. What is even more annoying is when it pops up during a competitive game. The thing I am frustrated about is that there are definitely games that are available at my usual ping but I am put into a game that is wayyyy higher than my usual. So hopefully Blizzard could add like a server limiter that lets you choose your preferred ping and server areas and stuff? And again, please don't hate on me as I know many who are used to playing on high pings.
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For comp wouldn't players choose the server that matches them with the easiest opponents rather than the lowest ping? Something that would become more relevant as ranking increases.
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5ms is shockingly low for any FPS game, honestly.

I think the average is anywhere between 40 to 45ms, but it's unfortunate about the extremely high ping you had to deal with.

I guess we'll see about Blizzard creating or maintaining better ping servers in the future? Considering everything else that Overwatch needs, it might be lower on their to-do list.
What are you talking about...
In europe I get 17-30 ping max, in americas I get 120-137 max.
Because it's blizzard's servers, not a player hosting it.
I don't like rubberbanding and then getting called sh!tty and then leaving the game and joining the same game. I would be willing to wait an extra minute for a better game. Some times I can wait three to five minutes for a skirmish with bad ping that ends up falling through anyway.
OW could do it. The game is really quite a bit more accessible than a lot of games already.
If you have problems with <200 ping, play Symmetra, Moira, Mercy, Winston or Reinhardt or Junkrat.
You do understand that ping is not like FPS where you can control how high it goes right? Ping is basically internet transferring and receiving data from the lobby you are playing in. If you connect to a far away server, its not really their problem that you have this problem other than setting up a server for your region.
Overwatch is a game that my ping can rise instantly and on a laptop that may lag already, it makes it pretty terrible to play. No other games have a lag issue for me, it's just blizzards servers could be better.
06/24/2017 05:43 AMPosted by Tyurbock
So hopefully Blizzard could add like a server limiter that lets you choose your preferred ping and server areas and stuff? And again, please don't hate on me as I know many who are used to playing on high pings.

The only time i get anything above 70 ms is when i play with people from other contents or Asia -my ping usually his 200 ms when i play with a friend who lives in Singapore. it all depends on the server location and how many hops it takes to get there, as well as the packet loss (according to what i can remember from my Networking class.

When i'm playing with my friend in SG, i don't mind the ping so much because i know it's neither of our faults. It could be a lot worse. I've seen some online games and services send your through hops across the world to an American server that's on the East coast rather than follow the nearest East coast hops to the server. (for reference, both me and my friend play on the American servers because I'm in Canada and her launcher defaults to the American servers even though she's in SEA). Trust me, i've done this to troubleshoot speeds and stuff.

There's no guarentee that a server limiter/ perfered ping will work. For all we know, this could prevent friends from playing with each other if they live in different Regions. it would suck MAJORLY if that happened and some people may stop playing entirely if they can't play with their friends. Usually if I'm on and she's bored or has time, my friend will jump on to play a few rounds with me or we'll play a few private rounds to avoid toxic players. If there was a server limiter that region locked people, she might stop playing entirely.

I mean some companies sometimes allow odd regions to play with each other before region locking them into their own separate region. When she wants to grind for lootboxes, she'll join up with me and I'll help her grind boxes for as long as we can. We do the same for events, because evens are fun.

There's a few games we'd love to play together, but can't because of Server/region locking and it sucks

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