Zombra skin for halloween

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Do it just for the pun blizzard.
because.... you know...... they're not already bad enough
Every time holiday skins come up I mention my idea that there should be a Krampus Junkrat - the expression, the gait - it's all so perfect!
SteamPun approved.
Hombra - with sombrero, mustache and maracas
no no no 76 is the dad not blizzard
when i first saw that D.va had a skin called B.va i thought it was gonna be a beaver.
what would her callouts be? You know like ultimates.
I see your Zombreh and add a Pillowmaker!
06/29/2017 02:55 AMPosted by FancyNight
Do it jut for the pun blizzard.

Your username should be FancyPuns :3

Would love the idea!
Okay but, classic slow, shambling zombie? Or more modern fast, rabid zombie?
06/29/2017 03:00 AMPosted by BlackTemplar
Hombra - with sombrero, mustache and maracas

We already have reaper skin with that.
Honestly, I usually hate most skin suggestions, etc. But for whatever reason, "Zombra" sounds amazing and I love it lol...

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