Impossible to rank up SOLO Q.Losing interest in playing.

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And I quote:
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Try to keep up, cupcake.

Haha, we can read and see for ourselves that you edited out the word almost.

You must be desperate about something to fake so obviously. I make allowances for clickbait titles. Read the guy's post and stop replying to just titles to keep your post count rising for the sake of it.

You may want to read the title as the OP said it was impossible to rank up solo Q in the title. Erras is correct about the OP saying it was impossible, they point blank said it in the title.

Edit: You are the one that said nobody said it was impossible and Erras proved you wrong regardless of the content of the post.
honestly i've been climbing pretty easily from low gold to plat but the high plat-diamond area is where im struggling for good matches in solo queue. I just feel like im fishing for decent matches zzz

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