Mercy invites you to her birthday party

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What would you give her?
A gift
New Sexy Skin?
Nothing, I'm just here for the cake. >:D
A pair of high heels.
This d**k (Please don't kill me)
A useful E.
My Photon Cannon gun thingy.
06/23/2017 07:53 AMPosted by Puggymerd
A pair of high heels.

High heals?
A pules boom. A dragon blade. A zen dis orb. A solo ult. A winston. A hack.......
A reassuring pat on the back.
A cake with the initials "I.N.H" on it.
All of my bullets.
Torbjorns beard
A print out of all the QQ threads about her so she can have a good laugh.
A rubbish team so she can get huge rez.
The whole hog

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