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More and more am I getting into queue's where I'm against players that are in the process of boosting a client's account. To understand this better there are several ways that this is being done.

The client can pay to duo queue with the other person (High Top 500 players) and play with his own account as well. The client can pay extra to have more boosters in the same queue/group for a higher success/win rate.

The most obvious is when it's a 6-stack because that for them is a fast efficient way to grind SR. To do multiple accounts at once.

How is this a problem?

You don't stand a chance. In this game, we were against 4 Top 500s (boosting service , in a low master game. We couldn't do a thing. If match making isn't perfect and the SR is off by a bit, that's fine. But this is unfair and blatantly dumb. It kills my motivation to even try at all, honestly.. because it really is pointless at that point.

One smurf is one thing, that kind of sucks too, but you know.. that's competitive games. But an entire team of BOOSTERS in the highest ranks in the game- that's a problem.

Another problem is the fact that Top 500 isn't a genuine Top 500. It's more of a Top 100. The rest is either smurf accounts or people being boosted or held there by Top 50 players. There is a service for this too, for Top 50 players to maintain your Top 500 rank until the end of the season. So you're facing off against Top 50s in the Top 450-500s. How is that genuine? There should be some sort of verification process to claim your Top 500, or whatever.
yeah those win percentages are... a little off
Happened again, two times.

This is bull!@#$. You literally go into an UNWINNABLE game. I don't have that kind of mentality but when masters are playing against a full 6-stacking Top 500 team, that's just facts.
Well, being rich has its perks, doesn't it?
Nothing you can do about it, nature of life.
07/24/2017 06:58 PMPosted by Everest
Well, being rich has its perks, doesn't it?
Nothing you can do about it, nature of life.

No, this is something that shouldn't happen as it hurts the health of competitive.

Hey, you know.. people trying to get other involved in crimes or addiction, nature of life. What can you do amirite?
Try being in silver trying to get back to gold WITHOUT any sort of a carry. I get people purposefully de-ranking on my team so they can golden gun farm by starting off again in low-bronze... or you get the Master level smurfs on the other team wrecking your entire team because everyone is silver or god forbid, even lower than silver. I can't count how many losses I have had this season alone from de-drankers and smurfs.

We had to carry a team the other night. We had a widow and hanzo who legitimately told us over voice chat (because it isn't monitored and we can't record it unless we're recording with FRAPS or something) that they were de-ranking and were throwing our game. Well, my friend and I carried it and we won anyway even with two throwers but that wasn't fair to us. It was literally a 4v6.
Been playing against these kind of parties since season 2. Some boosters also use aimbots in trios. I just accept the loss and move on.

Reported them everytime. But no results. Still see these obvious boosting parties with ridiculous 95% winrate accounts this season. And they are not new accounts, been around since season 2.

They fall into the same category of matches as those "toxic/leaver/hacker" matches that causes people to lose that's beyond their control. But all you can tell yourself is "If it happened to me it will also happen to the enemy team"...

OW is fun but the competitive environment we play in can be horrible sometimes. There is no indication that reporting actually works. Why are boosters from season 2 still playing if reporting works? Things like this puts me off competitive for the season.

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