leaving after leaver countdown penalizes SR on next game

Bug Report
It seems that you now get the full 50 SR penalty, but it is split over 2 games: the game you just left and the next one.
This happened to me twice today. This is after the "you can leave the match without penalty" text has disappeared.
Each time after I left the game, I lost 25 SR immediately like normal. However, after the next game I lost an additional 25 SR (or so). The first time I won the next game but only gained 4 SR. The second time I lost the next game and lost 45 SR. So it's like -25 is being tacked on to whatever I would have gotten.
I asked about this on Reddit, and a number of people confirmed that they've seen the same thing.
This doesn't make a lot of sense (if this is intended). As I believe the point of being able to leave a game is because Blizzard didn't want you to be stuck in a unwinnable situation for an extended period of time (over two minutes).

As Blizzard knows well, forcing players into this kind of situation is extremely annoying and degrading to the overall morale of the player pool.

It is still my opinion that Blizzard should end the game after only 1 minute, award the winners half a win, and the losers a full loss (in case of intentional throwers). If they win inside the minute, it doesn't matter that the person left. In no way do I think the winners should be awarded full SR.

Sure, you can win a game 5v6, but how likely is this (Blizzard knows)? I doubt its common enough to keep the game running.

Back to the OP, if this is a bug, please fix!
Someone sent me a VOD of this in action:
VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156287182
@ 27:35 queue at 2299 SR
@ 32:50 leaver
@ 34:50 Left match, -25 SR
@ 54:40 end of next match, +3 SR
I can confirm this is a thing. I keep a log of all comp matches. https://prnt.sc/fshjw3
Thanks for the report on this, we looked into and found the underlying issue that caused the behavior you noted. We'll be working on a fix soon.
Great. Now what are the odds of getting my points back? :D

Actually I assume these penalties don't affect MMR so SR should adjust itself after a few games.
when you return pts?
Just encountered the same bug today, as an FYI.
had this happen today as well

Was in a game with a player who left just after the cut off point. The leaver warning then showed and then when it expired two others left as well. So I then left and lost about 25 sr (nothing too strange yet)

Then next game is very close where I flex between support and tank and still end up with a card for damage blocked. We eventually win 2cp with 2 extra rounds.

Then I get 5 points SR
Yeah it's widely known that if you win a game after a game you left early (but not penalized for) you always get less SR for the win than normal.

The system is basically lying about a penalty not being applied since this is an extremely widespread and accepted to occur pattern.

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