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Could be Mei sister/brother.
07/09/2017 04:08 PMPosted by DharmaCreed
I'm not interested in a fire based hero being a member of Talon. I've conceived a flame based hero that's Mei's BFF (after thawing her from her icy bed in Antarctica.)

Real southern girl, born and partially raised near the Mexico/Texas border, maybe on a Native American Trust land (in REALLY bad shape after the Crisis.) Took up mechanics with all the hot rods, motorcycles, and clunkers in the region. Lots to salvage from the Omnic crisis. Joined up with the Los Muertos for a while, learned a lot about weaponry, machinery and Omnics through some of their members. Then they got hit, and she managed to get away, but for her, the Los Muertos were done for. She took it pretty hard.

Went home, decided she could put her skills to use improving livelihoods in the place she once called home. Tackling crime the vigilante way, repairing broken appliances, that sort of thing. Started with just her trust land, but then she hit the road to visit other trusts and bring them up to par. Made it a spiritual journey of sorts. Not really about learning about the Native Americans of old, but she took pride in what she learned of her heritage anyway. Did this over the course of a few years until she ended up in Alaska more out of sheer desire to finish the bucket list with visiting the Inuit people. The crisis didn't really extend up to Alaska.

She doesn't know how, but she ended up getting turned around at some point and ended up in Antarctica during a particularly nasty winter in Alaska. A natural ice bridge formed and she ended up crossing it unwittingly thinking she was headed south. Poor girl never really did experience a snowy winter before and didn't respect it enough, having started thinking herself a warrior capable of surmounting any obstacle more and more the longer her journey went. Her skills as a mechanic allowed her to modify her fusion engine cycle/suit (it transforms into an armor) to eject heat around her when she went into Alaska, and especially now it was keeping her warm until, as luck would have it, she stumbled upon the lost Antarctic base.

Unfortunately, Talon agents showed up at roughly the same moment, looking for data on weather manipulation technology. She only managed to wake up Mei before Talon cut off life support of the rest of the station's crew. From there... hrm... think it would be more exciting if Talon succeeded in their retrieval missions, but failed to take down the witnesses. After that scuffle, Winston recalled the members of Overwatch, Mei included. Now the two are headed south towards Watchpoint: Gibralter, both to reunite with comrades (well, Mei is anyway) and to warn of Talon's recent theft.

Naturally she's a little torn - Overwatch are the guys to warn, but they're also, in her mind, the bad people. She's also a former member of the very group they took down, which is like throwing a hen in with a pack of wolves from her perspective.

Name: Everest Jones
Alias: Blitzfire
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Nationality: Native American (Mother)/Caucasian(Father)
Affiliation: (Formerly) Los Muertos
Role: Ironically despite the way her abilities appear... DEFENSE.

Blitzfire doesn't back down from a fight and always goes in with an infectious positive energy. She's the type to scream "THIS IS AWESOME!!!" in the middle of an intense scrap when she gets into the flow of things. A more energetic character to Mei's more tamed personality, but both are more prone to a positive outlook regardless of the situation. They make a damn fine team, honestly.

Primary Fire: Flamethrower. "Roasted!" Spreads a swirling flame in a cone. The cone is narrow in close, and wider afar, but the damage falls in tandem. Up close, damage is high, but from afar, it drops to negligible levels. Like 90 damage per second within 2m, out to maybe 10 per second at 15m, wherever max range is (longer than Winston's and Symmetra's, ideally.)

Secondary Fire: Heat blast. "BOOM!" An immediate attack the has such force it blows back both the enemy AND Blitzfire. Fair cool down length, fair damage (60-80, whatever is balanced.) Has multiple uses: being an escape/distancing tool, being a mobility tool, and/or being a burst damage tool.

Shift: Slam. "Look out beloooooooow!" Rockets her towards the ground, causing damage in a shockwave around her and stunning targets briefly (she could have a recovery animation herself, making it more of an ability stopper.) Height influences the radius of the shockwave.

E: Tar bomb. "Where're you goin', hot stuff?" Her only long range attack. Fires a ball of sticky tar that splatters a location. Enemies moving into the area have their movement slowed considerably.

Q: Ring of Fire. "Let's get this rodeo started!" She launches a drone into the air over a given location that spreads a dome of fire in an area around it. Enemies can pass through the flames, but will suffer considerable damage for it. Lasts 8, 10, or 12(?) seconds. Basically a crowd control/area denial ultimate that pins enemies caught inside to WELL WITHIN the range of her flame thrower.

Passive: Jetpack. Being that her exo-suit also transforms into a bike with a fusion core, the "exhaust ports" are placed in such a way as to expel intense quantities of heat, allowing her to gain flight for a period of time before needing cooling. In conjunction with Heatblast, she can really move around a map and get into people's faces. And if I do say so myself, accuracy problems are generally going to be a non-issue against Pharmacy when Blitzfire can float on over and just hose them with some half-assed aim. Mind, she suffers the same exposure to ground forces while airborne as they do.
Junkrat's Girlfriend
*Wall of text goes here*
Junkrat's Girlfriend

They probably would get along.
from a story perspective i would love it if he was related/friends with junkrat

EDIT: or girlfriend, kinda like the joker and harley quinn maybe
I still wait for hazmat suit guy to come to the game with a chemical thrower (poison instead of fire) and gas granades for area damage over time, maybe a huge gas explosion as ulti
07/10/2017 12:51 AMPosted by Rilgar55
I still wait for hazmat suit guy to come to the game with a chemical thrower (poison instead of fire) and gas granades for area damage over time, maybe a huge gas explosion as ulti

Scarecrow would be great in this game
No one will play it unless it burns all airborne units to death instantly with its standard fire.
as long as it doesn't doe DOT and has area denial spells.

there might be some problems for the game if characters get DOT and Area denial spells. DOT is the lesser problem but it gets somewhat confusing when it comes to damage intake when playing a shooter i feel.

Area of effect spells, other than healing, that deny certain pathways might create stalemates on maps.

so it should be tested really well.
How about an oil ability. You pour a trail of oil in an area and set alight to it with your primary fire. It could be similar to ice wall but enemies can still pass through it but will take damage from doing so.
07/10/2017 12:53 AMPosted by Swarth1900
07/10/2017 12:51 AMPosted by Rilgar55
I still wait for hazmat suit guy to come to the game with a chemical thrower (poison instead of fire) and gas granades for area damage over time, maybe a huge gas explosion as ulti

Scarecrow would be great in this game
"panic is worthless"
Fire themed support. Something along the lines of Cleansing Fire, Cauterize Wounds, Phoenix Rising, that kind of thing. That would be cool, I think.
I have a very old and maybe a little outdated concept of fire based hero:

Sad that a have no drawing skills( I had some nice concepts for heroes, but without proper art they feel wrong and incomplete.

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