Leavers, Trolls, and Toxics--What is your experience?

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3-4 out of 10 my team. Same amount on enemy team. So majority of my games have a thrower/leaver/troll/symmtorb one trick on one team, sometimes both do.
People would win more games if they didn't give up just because they were 5v6. throwing is a huge problem in comp and isn't just exclusive to people jumping off cliffs or feeding.
I guess that gold on PS4 is different, or I've just been very lucky.

This season I've played 66 games. Had leavers in 3:

1) Me, due to a Blizzard server issue, 5 seconds before we were about to win defence, with no enemy in sight. Lost 50 SR. LOL.
2) Me, again due to another Blizzard server issue. We'd already lost 2 enemy and 1 team mate by then, so no SR loss.
3) A team mate on Anubis defence with 60 seconds left. Luckily we held on to win.

Temporary disconnects (Friend and foe) have occurred in about 10% of games, with most players back in a couple of minutes.

No toxic team mates that I recall. In the rare games we have any comms is generally very friendly, win or lose.

I'm assuming that the comp players still playing on PS4 are serious about the comp gaming environment.

FYI: I mainly play between 9pm to 12am a few nights each week. Generally only 1-3 comp games each time, so I don't get tired or tilted.

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