Selecting the servers for better ping ?

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(spoiler alert, the idea propose DO NOT work, but maybe blizz can make it work)

let me explain quickly the problem. In the middle-east (especially UAE and all surrounding countries), we have a big problem. Which is the high ping.
We mostly play on EU (on the cdg1 and ams1 servers) where we ALWAYS, ALWAYS get 130+ms, and there is no way to lower it.

Except ?

If we play on North America but here is the trick, only one server gives us better performance, it's the pse1 server AKA Singapore server, on this one we can get up to 70ms to 90ms, which is just amazing.

But we don't always get connected on this server, so when playing on NA its kind of a gamble game we either get 70 or 220ms.

After looking a bit, I found the list of servers for Overwatch (thanks to a reddit post) :

ord1 - O'Hare International Airport - Chicago
lax1 - Los Angeles International Airport - Los Angeles
pse1 - AWS hosted - Pacific SouthEast 1 - Singapore
pse2 - AWS hosted - Pacific SouthEast 2 - Sydney
sae1 - AWS hosted - South America East - São Paulo

ams1 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - Amsterdam
cdg1 - Charles de Gaulle Airport - Paris

icn1 - Incheon International Airport - Seoul
tpe1 - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - Taipei
pne1 - AWS hosted - Pacific NorthEast - Tokyo

hgh1 - Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport - Hangzhou
cnn1 - AWS hosted - China North - Beijing

And also this argument command :

After trying to add in the commands, it actually didn't worked, the server always putting me in ord1 which is the chicago server.

So blizzard is there any kind of way to force the game to connect only and ONLY in spe1 when logging in the North Americas server, so we can actually try to enjoy the game like everyone else with below 100 pings, please ?

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