Reinhardt is Broken and Blizzard Should Listen

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One also has to wonder: would it be so bad to revert whatever changes were made to Reinhardt that brought his ult height down?

It seems much more unfair for a hero to be completely crippled for the sake of some Pharahs and Genjis feeling salty about being knocked down while they're in the air.

Having Rein's hammer fail to connect with people he's swinging at, randomly being spun around 180 degrees, having earth shatter go through his shield, having earth shatter fail to stun anyone it should be hitting, having fire strike only start at the end of Rein's animation instead of the middle as it used to and having charge fail against most targets is considered more fair than some air-borne heroes being knocked down by his ult? Heaven forbid these hyper mobile heroes be counterable with an ultimate ability since they're so weak and easily countered as it is.

Rein is broken but Blizzard doesn't care about it... now we have Doomfist and everyone seems to be happy!

All good old heroes are going to trash by Blizzard.
07/09/2017 03:49 AMPosted by Zorro blackscreen bug has been in the game for nearly a year now (still in the list of known bugs) so don't expect Rein to be fixed anytime soon LUL

Yes it's quite unfortunate that this still exists. Some other issues that are significant have been on that list for quite a while.

We may never know the reason why Blizzard could/would not solve these issues, but all I do know is that given the way they handled Reinahardt, there is a serious flaw in the way bug reporting works.

For example, it was discovered that Ana's left click wont heal through Mei's Iceblock (other healers could heal her), yet there has been no response to this issue despite it being an minor but significant nerf on Ana and Mei. Yet how is anyone supposed to get Blizzards attention? Stratigically bumping threads on non-weekend days so that hopefully someone adds it into a bugs database? If they have no intention of replying to these threads as they usually do, then how will we know that they know about this issue or that if they are actually working on it?

I think this system leads them to misinterpret the importance of these bugs and encourages them to not assign them priority fixes. I encourage everyone to contribute ways in which they think they can improve this faulty system.
Still #Brokenharted
I won't touch him until they fix his charge. I can live with the other issues, though they are bad. I'm just sick and tired of perfectly lining up an enemy with my charge only to have him/her bounce off and not get pinned. It's beyond frustrating.
Alright, I'll start out by saying your lucky blizzard cares at all about what you say. What other games have a director that commonly responds on the games forms. I'm am not denouncing your issue though, I'm just saying that when you say things like "I'm disappointed in the way blizzard handled it" you are making them feel like "If you don't appreciate the things we've been doing on the forms we'll just stop". If you have an issue post about it but don't yell at blizzard it's unnecessary and your not helping your own problem. Also try mentioning what said problem is in the post, all I know is that it's about Reinhardt from reading your post. I know your afraid of getting the post sent to the bug fixes page but your not spreading knowledge about the problem if you don't state what it is. Okay rant over.
Yeah there is a lot of video evidence on reddit of both his charge and earth shatter not affecting heroes.
Reinhardt has been bugged to hell for months now blizzard, come on.
07/09/2017 07:50 AMPosted by Skye
I'll start out by saying your lucky blizzard cares at all about what you say.

I hope you realize that I have made this thread because Blizzard does not seem to care about what I say.

07/09/2017 07:50 AMPosted by Skye
If you have an issue post about it but don't yell at blizzard it's unnecessary and your not helping your own problem.

I alone do not have an issue. We all have an issue. Everyone in the community suffers as a result of not only a broken hero, but what seems to be an extremely ineffective communication system that Blizzard has regarding major issues like this. Reinhardt is not the only Hero that is afflicted with bugs (however he currently has the worst one in my opinion), and we all benefit by demonstrating our thoughts and emotions so they cannot continue to get away by being silent.

I've made an effort multiple times to edit the original post to make it sound as diplomatic as I can, but some parts I have left deliberately because Blizzard should understand the outrage that they have left on the Reinhardt community for treating this issue so carelessly.

07/09/2017 07:50 AMPosted by Skye
Also try mentioning what said problem is in the post, all I know is that it's about Reinhardt from reading your post.

This thread has gotten way too much traction than I expected. The last time it happened, it was immediately thrown into the Bug Report Forum with no warning or any possibility of appeal. Although I will take your advice and try to include an idea of the problem, please understand the reluctance to do so. If I give a moderator any excuse to throw my thread into the bug report forum, then there will be nothing I can do and I will have to start over again.

However all the information you need is available here: as already stated in the first post.
Still no official response?? This seems crucial. For other silly threads they get a blue post immediately.
07/09/2017 04:36 PMPosted by Banshee
Still no official response?? This seems crucial. For other silly threads they get a blue post immediately.

It's Sunday
Bump for justice!!

I like Reinhardt. I haven't seen as much of what this thread complains about. I've seen it sometimes but not near as much as everyone here seems to have seen these issues.

I always thought it was a latency thing. Like, the charcter I'm trying to pin has moved but my client hasn't seen that yet.

The earth shatter seems more awkward with the way that it interacts with terrain.

Side note, I'm almost certain at this point someone on the development team or even Jeff himself have seen this. They're not going to reply to everything.
As some have advised, I have edited the original post to include a summary information of the problem, however I am making it clear that this thread is still about blizzard taking this and all other gameplay issues seriously and not about reporting a bug.
Reinhardt is the buggiest character in the game and blizzard for some reason has been ignoring his huge list of bugs for over a year, despite the fact that people have been posting reports with clear evidence about them.

Now they managed to break him even further by trying to "fix" him and the sad part is that they think all is well and working now.

Dive comp already makes it hard to play with Reinhardt ,but on top of that having to play with a handicap, not knowing if your abilities will work or not each time you use them, makes it really frustrating and literally unplayable.

We will fight for our beloved hero Reinhardt, but it's obvious blizzard has put him on the back burner. All heil your new overlord Doomfist.
07/10/2017 04:33 AMPosted by Afterstar
All heil your new overlord Doomfist.

Yes it's quite annoying trying to grasp this sort of game design philosophy.

Historically, Blizzard has had issues when it comes to Content Droughts, which happened alot in World of Warcraft, although this is less apparent anymore as its seems content is steadily released with proper timelines.

So yes, in a way, I'm glad Blizzard is constantly introducing new content in Overwatch. New maps, new heroes, new skins, new events. Every month we seem to get something new. This is supposed to make the game interesting, fresh, and alive.

But what is the cost? In the time I've browsed the forums, I started becoming more aware of the issues Overwatch has involving Balance Concerns, Slow Responses (unless theres a forum outrage [and by forum I mean Reddit]), and inefficient handling of major game issues such as this.

I remember watching Blizzcon, where Blizzard announced Overwatch League and it's initiative to start a renowned e-sport under it's name. For a company to have lasted so long in the market, it truly deserves it's chance to do this.

But to be honest, as I have read today on other threads, it almost feels like this game is still in Beta. No matter how grand and polished the system feels on the outside, anyone who has been here long enough will be able to realize the embarrassing inefficiencies that plague this game.

But how can we help? Is there a system that allows us to properly communicate our thoughts to the developers? Do I have to make a reddit post and hope someone 'gilds' it so I can get more publicity? Do I have to spam at random streamers? Make a hundred threads on a hundred different gaming forums? Tell a Blogger to write a piece on this? Publish it on CNN? And even after all this, what will I get? A response along the lines of "Were looking in to it, ;)"

Does Blizzard Truly Listen? I really don't know anymore.
The community deserves to know if or when Blizzard will take action! I feel that one month without any recognition is unaccaptable since Reinhardt is unplayable right now in his current state. Bump to the skies! Blizzard please!
StarCraft II has always been very well balanced, yet Blizzard seems to have issues with balancing Overwatch. In the case of Rein he is just bugged in general. I do not see how ignoring the community will help the game/development. Maybe we need to plaster this all over social media to get any attention.

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