has anyone ever got a potg as ana?

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i dont think its a gamebreaking issue i just want to know if anyone has actually every got a comp potg as ana
Somebody has.
I got a few POTG back in season 4 by killing people. It was like double solo kill with her awesome 80 damage rifle and 2 more kills with bio nade.

One time I just healed a D. VA. She was soaking damage and I just threw a nade at her and started shooting. Probably healed like 1000+ into her in those few seconds (not overheal, she actually lost that much HP). It was an uneventful match though. Nobody got better than double kill.

So either they un nerf Ana and let her get kills again. Or you just pray everyone sucks.
Yes, I have like 38 hours on her in QP and I have just one PotG for her. It was in the last stretch of Hollywood Defense. It was a shutdown PotG where I killed an ulting Pharah. Then threw a nade which connected with 2 of my team and a few enemies and got a few assists from that I think. Wasn't terribly exciting tho ^^;

But I really would like them to fix it so we can see more grannies kicking butt. I feel like Ana is that hero that you don't notice until she's dead and not healing you any more. Would be nice to see her get PotG's as often as the other Support Heroes.
I have over 25 potg's as Ana, not counting arcade. All qp, and one in comp. I do a lot with her, but don't use her much anymore, as her nerf's have left her bone dry.
It's sort of like that line from Titanic.

"It's been 84 years!"
Yeah I did. Here's my POTG from Bronze Adventures lol.

Haven't had one but I saw one. She threw her grenade into a Zar ult and just started shooting.
I've gotten 3. Can't remember what exactly happened in them tho.
Never seen one. However, I have seen a sombra get ones back-to-back in qp before.
Once. I got a double kill in a short match. It was a pretty pathetic PoTG, but the match wasn't long enough for anyone to get their ults. It was literally me throwing a grenade at 2 enemies and a teammate and shooting the 2 enemies.

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