Mercy rez nerf comfirmed by Jeff?

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On Jeff's last blue post he confirmed that he didn't like where mercy's rez is at the moment. Is this him confirming that they are currently working on ways to change how mercy's rez works in the game?
The problem with Mercy is that there's no reason to play Ana.

Not because the healers have changed in any significant way, but because the Tanks have changed.

Make it so that it's worthwhile to play Roadhog,Reinhardt,Orisa again,
AND less viable to play Dva/Winston
and you'll see more Ana.
I'm sure they're always looking into ways to re implement the game if it doesn't fit their expectations, but look guys: please calm down and stop taking their word so obsessively serious.

If they decide to do anything about it, I imagine it'll be long down the road, and you'll have forgotten about it until they bring it back up.
It's Blizzard, so nerfs mean making sure that character is never played again. So whatever they do, it'll probably just be better to delete her from the game. Once they change it she's never going to be played again.
The general sentiment is that any mechanic, however balanced, that is considered un-fun by the majority of the community will receive a straight up nerf with the possibility of a rework.

Mercy rez is un-fun and it becomes less fun as you descend into lower brackets because of how reliable it is to charge. Where a gold Genji might get one ult every 3 minutes Mercy rez happens consistently, making it feel like you're wasting a lot of your effort.

It's the Roadhog problem all over again, Mercy isn't a problem for a coordinated team but trying to tell anyone that killing someone who's not right in front of them is more important is like trying to draw blood from a stone.

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