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06/29/2017 04:53 PMPosted by DoubleH
06/29/2017 04:18 PMPosted by SUNDER
I usually either play Rainbow Six or PUBG

It seems like this would be more stressful rather than less.

not really; i'm fairly good at both of these games so it's easy to just hop in a casual game and chill. Overwatch for me is about the only game that really STRESSES me out; I despise getting dumb games with dumb teams or people who don't comm or work together. Infuriating xd
I just recently bought Serious Sam 3. Can't go wrong with mindless shooting to let out some of your steam.
Right now, The Binding of Isaac.
Oddly enough, i play League of Legends to de-stress. Cause i don't care about babies who cry about meta in League i play champs i want to and have fun.
Dishonored 2 because i bought that a little while ago infamous second son to thats fun
You don't know relaxing until you've played slime rancher.
I tend to pull away and take a break. Hang with the fiance, go out somewhere, etc.
06/29/2017 04:13 PMPosted by greendoge
want kind of game do you play if you aren't playing ow?
me now , i am playing screencheat. the enemies are invisible and the only way to know where they are is by seen the screen of your enemies(doing screencheat) it is super cheap now in steam

Just beat Domina (had a god tier run that made the game that made the game into a joke with a total of 5 + weapon training speed cards and 2 + agility training speed cards) last night for the first time and on tuesday I beat punch club. I'll probably start playing The Surge or Faster Than Light and try to finish one of them before too long.

And before you ask, the censored version.
I usually play Dirty Bomb or Tree of Savior. Breath of the Wild is great fun too, running around and exploring the world.
aura kingdom. there is a relaxing charm about doing quests that require little to no effort in a beautiful world.
I wouldn't say I ever need to de-stress from playing Overwatch, but I do fire up Aim Hero for an hour or so every day to practice, does that count? Otherwise I just watch YouTube/Twitch/Netflix/Prime Video/HBO/etc. I guess I'll hop back on to the Switch and check out the new DLC for Breath of the Wild later today though.

If I ever do feel stressed, which is very rarely, the daily workout tends to fix it.
06/30/2017 08:58 AMPosted by SinDragon
Oddly enough, i play League of Legends to de-stress. Cause i don't care about babies who cry about meta in League i play champs i want to and have fun.

i went jungle lulu yesterday after i tilted in ow. most fun i had in a while
League of Legends only way to destress is more competitive! Jk
If my friends are on we hop on ffxiv
Fallout 1 actually. Since there's no games until october I figured it'd be a good time to play through the entire series.

06/29/2017 10:12 PMPosted by Eddimame
Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
I'd give Euro Truck Simulator 2 a go. Just get out on the road, listen to some music or an audiobook and drive.
Endless Legend. I really like it.
I still enjoy FTL. Not that it's not a stressful game, but at least it has a pause button and you can play at your own pace. :)
Zelda DLC came out, so I'm going to be playing that.

Gonna get Wolfenstein from the steam sale.

Diablo 3 Necromancer


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