What does "Meta" mean?

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I may be an idiot, but what exactly does the competitive term "Meta" mean in Overwatch? I know I might be stupid but I don't know this stuff.
A good combination of heroes that work well together in a competitive way.
Most Effective Tool(s) Available.
A combination of heros that have a great biase for them even though their counters then become even more viable.
"Meta" (in any circumstance) is the over-arching thought process that goes into establishing a game from the player's prospective.

Meaning that us as human beings (rather than us playing in a game) make decisions about what is best - outside the confines of the game world.

In something like Dungeons and Dragons "Meta" would be min/maxing a character or conversing about things our in-game characters would never know about (but we do having played the game before)

In Overwatch, it's us as players deciding before the match has begun what the best combination of characters will be to play.

In Heroes of the Storm, it's deciding who to pick and who to ban before starting up the game.
07/08/2017 03:30 PMPosted by FupDup
Most Effective Tool(s) Available.

or for some folks it goes "Most Effective Tactical Advantage"
(atleast it does with me)

but, i suppose your version is however more accurate...i like mine tho
Meta is short for metagame meaning a game about a game

for example if say 75% of all Rock–paper–scissors games had at least one person throwing rock you can use this knowledge to know to throw paper

the 'meta' is whats popular typically because its perceived as 'best' or 'most popular' so in discussions or game forms like these, meta is short hand as 'the best' whether its true or not

its also very ingrained in the discussions that many consider it 'the true game' or 'how the game truly works'

the meta shifts all the time as well, so when people are talking about it typically they are talking about it in its current state.
Thanks guys, I think I have a pretty good idea of what meta means now
Heroes you hate but everyone plays them
The way people use it is just wildly inaccurate and has no bearing on the actual meaning of the term.

Anyone who says it means the most effective way to play is bastardizing the meaning.
The best and easy way to win a match.
It means a team comp that is seen a lot in pro games that people in lower ranks will get super toxic about your team using because they don't realize that in bronze, no one can hear you flank as Orisa.
It comes from the prefix "meta" which means beyond, after, or transcendent.

It's the game that emerges within the game beyond it's original parameters.

For example the game at it's most basic is controlling objectives. The meta or game within the game emerges when a strategy becomes the most effective. Heroes that are meta are the ones that are played because they are part of the effective strategies with in the meta game.
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Most Effective Tool(s) Available.

That's a bacronym. It's actually short for metaphysical as in studying how things work by stepping back and looking it over well.
07/08/2017 03:30 PMPosted by FupDup
Most Effective Tool(s) Available.

NO it's an abrevation of Metagame which means things that compose the competitive environment of a game.
Thanks for asking this I have always wondered !
It's a funny internet word that bronze players use to feel better about getting their necks stepped on all the time.
Utilizing the hero roster and comparing it to the maps played, it is the definition of the best compision of each together to secure the best win rate.

The irony being, that people who spout meta to you are confined by it and are usually unable to adapt.

Metas can also change when a better way of doing things is found, example the shift from triple tank to dive.

- cheers

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