Doomfist Rocket Punch Glitch (Charge Instantly No control)

PTR Bug Report
Yeah having the same problem. Doomfist unplayable after that. At least, in a testing sense. As you cannot play him to the best of the character's ability.

Please fix asap
You can easily emulate this glitch on the practice range. Just hold down Rocket Punch and make sure you die off an edge before the charge is done.

Once your alive again you have no control when your rocket punch is activated.
Even though your holding down right click it will activate right away.
I've experienced this as well, though it went away later in the match.
I had this happen, but I just cancelled the charge and it worked fine after that.
Just had this too, last quarter of the match it stopped charging and just went off. I'll see if I can cause it again.
Post 21 about it. You guys know how to use a search bar right? Searching the words Doomfist, Right click, and bug turn up about 10-15 results about this identical bug. You guys have no excuse.

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