Widow's kit sucks.

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12 seconds for a grappling hook? That's almost a quarter of a minute for a tool that's very specifically used to get up on high ledges and/or escape.

I can't even remember if the cooldown was always this high. Is this for real?

Venom mine takes 15 seconds. That IS a quarter of a minute to use a generally underwhelming ability.

That's 15 seconds for a proximity mine weapon that does 75 total damage when activated. Even if Widow's spraying her rifle to escape and survive, she's more likely to die because of her atrociously delayed hook.

No wonder Widow players are upset, that's just abysmal.
Yeah it is
Everyone can agree that Widow was too strong when the game was released. But now Blizzard are afraid to touch her more.

Just buff her utility a bit and there you go. Make her feel more fun and rewarding, without making her able to solo kill the entire enemy team like she could before.

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