Why nerf Mercy?

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I don't understand why everyone wants mercy nerfed. She's been the same character since launch except they nerfed her Rez range and then made it so she can move while rezing and then invincible while rezing.

I don't understand why everyone hates her... I remember not long ago it was all about Anna and lucio combo and mercy was used in the no skill levels like bronze through gold. Then they nerf both those characters... Ana into the dirt. Mercy hasn't really changed but now she's a better pick than Ana so everyone picks her.

How does this make her over powered if she was always this way. Why not buff Ana back to make her more of an option rather than this constant merry go round of nerfs.

DVA was concidered garbage a few months ago. But now that road hog sucks she's become the must pick. Along with Winston who hasn't changed much at all. Now she needs a nerf? Why? Winston? Why not just rebuff some of these characters that got nerfed into the dirt rather that ended up making these other picks viable.

I don't understand this nerf this nerf that mentality. Now this person is more viable so let's nerf them too... They were the same fore ages and of course when you make the must picks garbage, something else is going to be more appealing.
Essentially mercy pickrates have skyrocketed because of Dive.

And because Roadhog got nerfed into the ground, when he used to eat Winstons/Dvas alive in seconds. Used to be Roadhog could bodyguard his medics against these tanks.

Now a Winston can kamikazi after your medic for the kill, and there's not really much you can do about it, unless there's a Reaper in spitting distance. And even then, Dva can usually just block that, if the attackers are coordinated enough.

07/08/2017 08:19 PMPosted by GreyFalcon
The problem with Mercy is that there's no reason to play Ana.

Not because the healers have changed in any significant way, but because the Tanks have changed.

Make it so that it's worthwhile to play Roadhog,Reinhardt,Orisa again,
AND less viable to play Dva/Winston
and you'll see more Ana.
People hate seeing their long struggle to take the point crushed by a single ult
Low skill hero, easy to play hero. therefore: nerf her into the ground
Most players (those who refuse to play healers) get frustrated because they have to either get good aim or take the time to kill Mercy before they kill the remainder of the opponents' team ...or they have to kill everyone twice. So basically, this complaint is the same rationale you see behind the demands for Pharah and Symmetra nerfs. (Stupid thought: If Blizzard had told their graphics design team to make Mercy, Pharah, and Symmetra women who were as big as Roadhog then we'd see less demands for nerf because aiming wouldn't be such a challenge.)

Players who like to heal get bored and frustrated because (in quickplay) very few people will play healers. Which means each team only has one healer and if you have only one healer then you can only pick Ana (for groups with 3+ tanks) or Mercy (who works better with mobile groups such as dive comp). They are the only two healers who can reliably solo heal an entire team. So players who heal are more likely to say "Please don't nerf Mercy... until you've given us more healer heroes to play and have given Zenyatta some quality of life changes such as improved orb/health tracking."
Probably the same frustration with old Lucio: Mercy is incredibly powerful in spite of her comparatively passive and tedious play style. She also amplifies problems with Pharah (Pharah can stay in relative safety from all but 4 characters (3 dedicated hitscans and Zenyatta), only limited by her health, which supports like mercy remove, and Pharah also transfers that high survival to Mercy). Finally, her kit simply does not translate well to other heroes (like old Lucio), so if you have multiple Mercy mains on a team, there is problems (Moreso since SR gives disproportionate incentive to playing Mercy)

Probably the best method of fixing Mercy is to give her the same rework treatment as Lucio: tweaking her abilities to be more active along with keeping her reliable healing, her key strength over the other supports.
I just want a little more variety in her play style, raise the skill curling and increase the amount of tactical choices you'd have to make.
07/08/2017 11:25 PMPosted by Shamou
I just want a little more variety in her play style, raise the skill curling and increase the amount of tactical choices you'd have to make.
Mercy has to make a tactical choice potentially once every two seconds, perhaps even more if rez is available. Especially with an enemy Tracer AND Genji AND Winston all bearing down on her. In these cases, the only "safe" place for her may potentially be with Pharah in the sky, and even then Winston can jump up and zap them, Genji can dash up to attack them...
I don't really get all the hate about mercy herself, she's pretty satisfying to play and has a lot of clear weaknesses but also a good player can work around those weaknesses.

I just really hate people who play mercy and think that they're superior to everyone else and that playing mercy is rocket science while every other hero on their team is a lowly DPS who should be humbled that this mercy decided to give them the time of day.
I don't really understand how people can say "She's been the same hero since the beginning." The rest of the game isn't the same is it? Mercy might not have changed, but everyone around her changed which made her better.
It's the worst feeling when you win a fight and used ults and then mercy comes flying in and bring everyone back to life.
I get that having everything you just did negated but she's always done that. And there are plenty of abilities that ruin ultimates. A Zaria and a zenyatta will !@#$ up any ult if they combo together and dva can eat just about anything with her d matrix.

My point is, why does blizzard make such sweeping nerfs to characters to make certain heros obsolete. And instead of continuing to work on these heros to make them more viable they just keep needing everything else.

I just hate seeing changes to heros that are fine just because now everyone is picking these since what they used to use is now nerfed into the dirt. Road hog was the same For pretty much the whole time he's been around but he became the tank to pick. So now he needs a nerf. And speaking of roadhog, they had just nerfed his hook cool down months ago. That nerf was fine because for what he did, yes it was too much. Now that they nerfed him into the gutter, they still have not put his hook cool down back to what it was. Mercy is beast now because you can't burn down these dive tanks or hook and one shot a mercy. Instead of tweak road hog... Nerf mercy and on and on it goes.

I like how some of these characters work but because of comp and the constant nerfing of characters, everything for the normal player gets hit when it becomes the must pick for comp.
I just want them to nerf her sr gain... it's pretty f@#$ed at this point.
Hey I even suggested a buff but nobody wants it. She is never gonna change
07/09/2017 09:51 AMPosted by Hawai
Hey I even suggested a buff but nobody wants it. She is never gonna change

I think that she could use an indirect nerf... aka, buff other healing heroes and give players who like to heal more heroes to play.

Personally, I like the playstyle of Zenyatta or Ana more than the playstyle of Mercy. But if you look at my profile, you'll see that I have 45 hours on Mercy, 13 hours on Zenyatta, and 9 hours on Ana.

Zenyatta can't keep people alive the way Mercy can.

If I had a choice I'd make changes to Zen so that he keeps a healthbar displaying name of character he has his orb of harmony on, and either give him two orbs that hang around a bit longer than 3 seconds out of los OR creates a healing aura near target he is hitting (so Zen puts a orb of discord on a Mercy, a friendly Genji starts hitting the Mercy, Zen blasts the Mercy and since the Genji is nearby, he gets a small heal as an indirect result of hitting Zen's target).

For Ana, between the need to have great aim, ammo clip size (10 shots, really?), and the slow reload... I find she's great with keeping keep bulky tanks and dps like McCree/Reaper alive, but horrific at reliably keeping highly mobile team members alive. I'd probably fix her by giving her a larger clip size so that she doesn't have to reload as frequently and/or giving her slightly larger heals (and damage) but only while scoped. I also wish she had the ability to self heal. Using the grenade on herself often has a very high opportunity cost (either she has move into danger and get too close the action or she skips the chance to heal damaged teammates).

As to new hero, a healer that heals from melee range and does melee damage is what I keep hoping we'll see.
dps hates healer and tanks, 90% of the playerbase playing and instant picking dps heroes.
even if mercy were hard to play everyone would crying, look at ana.

except soldier prenerf, pharah and hanzos scatter arrow, u you see no cry-threads about dps heroes.

look at the top 500, genjis and tracers everywhere since season1, but noone is crying about them, who would cry about his own main heroes?
Mercy HAS changed though. Buffs include:

Knocking regen delay down from 3 seconds to 1.

Resurrect now allows her to move while casting.

Resurrect now renders her invulnerable along side her allies.

She's basically been given survivability buffs, which largely translate to affording bad Mercy's more leeway in crappy positioning and diving into a 1v6 knowing they'll survive if they hit Q just before they die and have their team standing with them again.
Yes I mentioned those buffs and she was buffed that way to make her more viable cause at the time Ana and lucio were all the rage and hog could one shot a mercy easy. I think the buffs to her to make her more viable were fine... Now that everything else is nerfed she's the must pick.

Think we should maybe start buffinng characters that aren't working rather than nerf ones that are.
Becouse she is unfun to play against, it's really boring to kill her -> make a teamfight -> teamfight lasts longer than 10 seconds and she is back into the game and resses anyone that has been killed.

She just has a way too powerfull ultimate for a low risk.
As Jeff said recently, it's good in a way that's not fun for the user or enemy.

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