Was Diamond on PS4 just got pc version

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I consider myself above average and was a consistent mid diamond player. Is there any big differences that I need to know?
skill on a controller is different than on a kb+m

game sense and mechanical skill is probably the same
Mouse and Keyboard are the biggest differences.
Just consider that your opponent's are better at aiming than they were on PS4. Fights against heroes like McCree/Widow/Tracer/Sombra/Soldier/Zenyatta that you are used to winning, you might now lose. But once you feel out what fights you can win and lose it's mostly the same.

Oh, also, some heroes that are pretty popular on consoles (Torb, Bastion, Sym) are not nearly as common on PC.
I remember hearing someone say "the difference between a controller player and pc player is 2000 sr" a while back. Take that with a grain of salt, this thread just happened to remind me.
people can actually hit you

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