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Rocket Punch has no counterplay? It has pretty much the same counter play as Hook, and puts him in a much more dangerous position should he miss, which, believe it or not, happens more often than you think
Not to mention, Doomfist is a much more high risk- high reward hero compared to Hog
Rocket Fist has waaaaay more counterplay than hook does. Doomfist actually has to put himself into harms way, rather than standing around a corner like a 600 hp sniper that would peek every 8 seconds to get a cheese kill.
I'd argue it has more.

Throw a Junkrat trap in front of him. Oops he's dead.
It has far more counter play than hook, which had none beyond what worked on any hero with a non-lock-on weapon (ADAD and hope they miss!)

Rocket Punch only one shots if the hero is knocked into a wall, otherwise it's a personally delivered flame strike. By contrast, the only circumstance hook needed to fulfill was that there was a floor where it'd drop of the target.

There's a clear and audible wind up to rocket punch, it doesn't just come at someone by surprise... where as hook did.

A player can literally avoid being one shot by merely placing enough room between themselves and a wall. Hook didn't care where a player stood.

Finally, rocket punch MOVES Doomfist, likely into the center of the enemy team. Hook did not move Roadhog into a dangerous position at all.
Slippery slope fallacy, maybe?
easist ability to bait tbh. But wait,he will jump weirdly in the air right after where his hitboxes vanish. Its like genji, but with bad hitboxes
07/09/2017 01:19 PMPosted by HappyFeet
I'd argue it has more.

Throw a Junkrat trap in front of him. Oops he's dead.

But who plays junkrat? It's not like he destroys flankers or anything...

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