You know what makes no sense in comp

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How every freaking team in diamond has started asking for Reapers.

And how often I lose on teams with Reapers.

I just don't get it.

What part of fighting Rein/D.Va/Pharah/Mercy do you go "Reaper is a good choice".

And then I don't get to play Tracer, because either we need another freaking healer, or we "need" a Soldier to deal with Pharah. (Quotes because you don't "need" one, but I don't want to tilt my team who's already hyper critical of me because the Lucio with gold healing who's throwing down healing aura every fight apparently "isn't using heal aura enough")

I just want to know why it seems like everyone is convinced he's such a good pick that a team needs him.
A lot of the games I've had with an enemy Reaper had ended with me losing.

I feel like everyone thinks he's such a good pick because people are performing quite well within him right now.

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