'' we need a healer''

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just gonna report anyone who locks in hanzo or widow when we need a healer and i'm only tank on the team for poor teamwork

if we have another tank i wont mind swaping heals to help but we dont need 2 snipers on 1 team.
lol tell that to your team ingame, what does it help to make a post about that?
That's one way of making sure you'll get your account suspended. Don't do it.
You don't declare the need for a class you're not swapping to.

If you're working with randoms, you count on you and only you.
You will get yourself suspended for false reporting buddy.

Maybe speak with your team and try to convince them for some team play.
From 10 competitive matches. In 7, we got healers.

I play support and tanks.

Can't do BOTH.

If the team doens't wanna work together: GO SUPPORT.

Never go TANK. I know you can earn more SR if you play good TANKING (i do), but sometimes you can actually win with just DPS. It's a rare situation, but you can pull that off if the team is actually THAT GOOD at being DPS.
5 DPS and a healer is way better than 5 DPS and a tank. Trust me.
Don't expect anyone to switch in QP at least.
07/29/2017 06:04 AMPosted by ChunkyB
5 DPS and a healer is way better than 5 DPS and a tank. Trust me.
Don't expect anyone to switch in QP at least.

while thats fair the problem of having hanzo widow making KOTH matches 4v6 when enemy has a winston with pocket mercy not swapping should be reportable atleast.
why dont you play the healer
you want it, you play it
be the change you wish to see
How does this post benefit you in literally any way.
Other people's hero choices is not report offence lmao. You do not get to dictate that, nor how folks play. You are looking to get yourself suspended for false report abuse.
Lol, just ignore them and move on... You cant falsely report them. I was playing Ana and a Tracer said " Go Mercy, we need a Mercy"

I simply said Ana is who I feel like playing and we are not having any issues with it, so if you want Mercy, then you play her and Ill switch to DPS.

They actually did switch to mercy and I switched to a dps
Lol why Hanzo and Widow specifically? You're just hinting that you're a meta slave
07/29/2017 06:24 AMPosted by Reyalty
be the change you wish to see

In this case, the change is "do everything I say or ban lel".

Not exactly mature.

Still, I like seeing the thread title in Mystery Heroes.
Switch off tank, and tell someone to go tank, and you be the healer.

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