Clean up Hero Gallery a bit and add an Event Calendar

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It would be great if the menus in the Hero Gallery for sprays and the like had dividers and/or filters for stock cosmetics, cosmetics by event, special promotions, etc. Also, having the written title of the event in there somewhere would also be welcome. The icons are nice, but maybe not everyone knows what the little Rooster means, ya?

As a related item, if events are going to be repeating, putting in a Calendar in game showing past events and known upcoming events would be very nice for people to plan around.
the whole entire system of loot needs to be severely updated and upgraded
Bump for calendar
Now a Calendar would be awesome.
I was OK with not having a calendar because it added some surprise to Events, but since we know the plan is to repeat events this year, a calendar would be appreciated
Seeing how blizzard likes to keep their activities quite secret. I doubt we'll get a calendar. We still don't have confirmation that summer games is coming back on Tuesday.

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