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07/25/2017 09:42 AMPosted by TLDR
I like the shieldwall ability, ever think about making him a greek guard? Then you could get some more personality into the build, like a Spartan Warrior theme?

That would be interesting as well.

I didn't have any one theme in particular. The riot idea was kind of just what made sense to me. But you could easily reskin it to fit multiple themes I'd imagine.
Hey man sorry it took a bit to get back. Kinda forgot in all honesty haha. Anyway feedback about your concept. Before I start, just remember this is my opinion and you don't need to listen to it. Just providing honest feedback.

The secondary fire is an interesting ability, but I'm not sure the purpose it's meant to serve on a hero like this. That sort of ability would be great for a 'stealthy' hero like Sombra, but less so for someone who is meant to be in the thick of it for a fight. It seems out of place for a Riot officer to be 'quiet'.

The baton and shield seems like it would be ok. Nothing too fancy. I do like the passive on the shield that it protects your back even while not in use.

Passive ability, while interesting, can absolutely destroy your team if a Sombra ults. Also how would it stack with someone like say Sym or Zen whose health already has shield health? It would either need to be added as bonus shield health, or something completely different.

Unless I'm understanding it wrong, Ability 1 honestly feels like it's strong enough to be an ult. Not only are you negating death, but you're healing the ally as a result of lethal damage. Think of this scenario: you've outplayed someone, and they have literally 1 health left. Just as you're about to shoot them, this buff applies, the enemy is shot, and they're instantly back at max health.

Ability 2 is cool, by my question is how does it mesh with the rest of the kit? It makes you immobile and allows you to contest objectives. Is its presence worth yours? Is a small drone that contests an objective worthy our team being at a 5v6? Also can the enemy interact with it in anyway, such as shooting it down?
The reason I ask is be because continuing to contest and objective until you respawn is grossly busted. That's 10 seconds. That's an eternity in this game sometimes.

The ultimate work. I like it quite a bit and goes well thematically. I would suggest maybe lowering or removing the damage it does, but applying a sort of 'blurred vision' effect to the enemies within it that severely reduces their vision while inside it. So far the support heroes have zero damage in their ults. That's not to say they can't have them, but just an alternative to bring them more inline.

Overall you have a pretty solid start. I would think more about the kind of equipment Riot police carry, and what your hero will be doing in a fight. Who is this hero meant to be strong/weak against? Who do they synergies with? Think of scenarios you get into in game and how this character would deal with them (eg. everyone's ults are popping off, what impact does this character have?). Imagining the hero in game will help a lot when coming up with ideas.
I tweaked, a lot, in another direction. I simplified the hero and brought him towards my vision. Not to discourage at all! I was just playing.

Name: Ares

HP: 100 health/300 shield = 400hp. A similar body size as Doomfist.

Weapon 1: Lance (Shock Baton)
LMB: Fires forward charged energy that streaks forward and can penetrate multiple enemies at once. (Gazlowe-esque)
RMB: Throws the spear causing higher damage and pinning a character against a wall if they're near one. Spear reappears in your hand once complete. Shield can be swapped to during this.

Weapon 2: Riot shield
Equip shield. Allow for shield bash knockback. Slightly impairs the users vision except for a small window and does not protect your feet unless you crouch. Reduces incoming damage by 20%. This shield also blocks LoS to all enemy abilities. The shield will protect you while it's on your back.

Ability 1: Allies within a 10 meter radius have 20% damage reduction for 2 seconds. 10 second CD

Ability 2: Allies within a 10 meter radius have 20% damage increase for 2 seconds. 10 seconds CD

Ultimate: (Ornithes Areioi / Arrow feathered birds!) -Ares can send out these birds to attack an enemy within 15m radius circle over the next few seconds, blocks all vision to enemies (save for Sombra Opportunist/Sonic/Widow Ult)
07/26/2017 08:32 AMPosted by NooneSpecial
Hey man sorry it took a bit to get back. Kinda forgot in all honesty haha. Anyway feedback about your concept. Before I start, just remember this is my opinion and you don't need to listen to it. Just providing honest feedback.

Thanks for the response. I forgot to check back on this myself.

The idea behind the suppressor was not so much to be stealthy like Sombra, but to make you less noticeable. So for example if you were shooting from a side room you wouldn't be so easily spotted by your bullet trail. Essentially keeping you alive longer. Just think of how much bullet trail gives someone like Widowmaker away.

The baton and shield was just a way to give you more reliable melee range combat while keeping DPS about the same, but also having a slightly different play style to it. You could just remove the baton and have only the shield and just make the primary fire a shield bash without the stun. Less flavorful in my opinion though. The shield blocking damage on your back was something that used to be in one of the older CoD's, it was helpful, but not as strong as it sounds. It was still pretty easy to score kills against. I just thought it was a good way to add some more tankyness without directly increasing HP.

The ability 1 is strong if it's timed well. Sort works like a Zarya bubble. It shares the same values as health packs. So in you're scenario described, it's no different than if that person was to grab a health pack just before dying. Except instead it was you saving them.

The ability 2 I changed slightly now based on what you've said. It made sense. So I removed the active after death. And added a range limit and LoS. Other than that it's essentially just like the ones from the uprising event. You activate it near a dead ally or an objective, which takes a couple seconds and then you just continue doing what you were doing. I don't think it needs to be destructible by enemy fire, considering you have to stop what your doing to activate it so you can't really do it in the middle of a fight. Basically this just allows you to put it on a payload and give it 1 additional "body" to move it along. And gives you some breathing room so you don't need to hug the payload but can still move it along. Or if you just won a team fight but lost someone, you can put this on them to bring them back quicker for the next push.

And lastly, the ultimate damage I think is fairly low. A Lucio would pretty much cancel it out. I originally wanted to just make it a smoke screen to make it hard for enemies to see, and it would just appear less dense to your team. But I think that would just be frustrating. Maybe it would work though.
I was just thinking a Support/Tank hybrid would be neat. Not sure if yours is specifically what we need in OW, but a Tank/Support hybrid might do nicely.

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