I am afraid of the opcomming report system

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Hey i am a little scarred of the comming report system and harder penalty for. As you can see on my profile i am a torb onetrick and i will say that evry 5-6 game ppl tilt and report me then i pick before even giving me a chance so i can imaggen i get alot of reports calling me a thrower for playing a of meta hero (yes i am always bring my best in evry game) so i just whanna know will i get ponished for playing torb or do the new system have a way to prevent that from happening.

(sorry for my bad englich/spelling)
Stop being a one trick?.... And if you are do not play competitive?...
The problem isn't you being a one-trick but the character you are one-tricking. If you were a Winston, DVA, Zenyatta, Mercy, Ana, etc. main then most likely you wouldn't be getting so much hate. Just comes with the territory of only playing one hero that also happens to be easily countered.

I'd suggest working on having SOME flexibility and learn one or 2 hero's from each category. That way if torb isn't working, you can at least swap out to something the team is lacking such as a hit-scan, heals or tank. Probably need to do this in Quick Play first though so you can get familiar with the playstyle.

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