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I have a weird problem with Overwatch voice chat that seems to have started recently (I don't know exactly when, as I've only just recently started trying to use voice chat again).

Basically I can't hear anyone on voice chat. They are not muted, voice chat volume is set to max in the settings menu, I am in the correct voice channel and I can see in the top left corner that people are talking, I just can't hear it. There literally seems to be no reason why I can't hear anybody on voice chat. I can hear all other sounds from the game just fine.

Update: My own mic isn't working either in Overwatch (in spite of my microphone working with all other applications).
yeah i have this now, haven't found a fix
Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem.
Also getting this issue. If you leave voice channel and come back it fixes it for a little then it happens again.
I've been having this problem since the winter event it would seem.
I'll have a minute or two (if that) to communicate with my team, but them it's just silence. They are talking and can hear me when I talk, but I can't hear them.

-I'm still in the voice channel. (Happens in group and team chats)
-This also happens on my PS4
-Only "fix" is to exit and rejoin the voice channels. Then I get about another minute of comms.

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