Jeff: it's been over a year. Please give Zen an HP bar.

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I haven't downvoted anything here. Like I said I don't think it's a bad idea. Just dropping my input on why I think it wouldn't be a useful feature for Zen.

If others find it useful, great. But I'm lost on what value it would add to info that's already available to you, is all.
I'm not against downvoting, but I don't think this is a huge UI change. In my mind, it shouldn't cause much stress on the UX folks (although maybe it will).
Should have been in day one.
07/25/2017 08:47 AMPosted by Talendra
I was thinking how nice that would be the other day, hope they consider it.

Me too.

Wouldn't mind if they had one for discord as well.

Just like a little yellow dot and a little purple dot on the side of your screen with the picture of who they are on. (player names arent as easy to recognize).

Maybe with teams health percentage or points.
You can tell when you've stopped healing with tab.
I agree. Zen could use some QoL for his healing
Bump plz bliz i want this bad
07/25/2017 05:42 AMPosted by Dulcinea
07/25/2017 05:08 AMPosted by Hornwood
I love topping the healing charts when I'm not supposed to.

Why isn't he supposed to? Zenyatta has the most healing potential. His ultimate heals 600 per second in a small area.. If you use your ultimate well (during Pharah, Reaper, Soldier, Zarya, Genji ultimates) then you should always have gold healing.

Except it heals 300 per second and doesn't nearly make up for his 30 hp/sec healing the 98% of the time that he isn't ulting, seeing as how Lucio can regularly heal 20k in a full match that goes to the end.

You just made yourself look REALLY foolish.
I posted the same exact thing 3 months ago.

Let's just hope it happens,
Also would be nice to have Zen's health bar on the person you are healing like when Mercy heals someone so they can protect him if needed.

Personally I would really like for others in the team to be able to see discorded targets like Zen does but be able to turn it off in options if it annoys anyone.
07/25/2017 08:06 AMPosted by Hornwood
07/25/2017 05:44 AMPosted by WarGoat
All the supports should have this as an interface option tbh.

EDIT: Lucio might prove to be a bit of a problem due to the nature of his AoE healing. A lot of smaller bars in a row maybe?

I'm not sure it's as needed, for the same reason as I stated above. If I'm Lucio, I'm near my teammates.

The only other healer I would think could really benefit would be Ana.

You would still have to do a 360 check to see team mate's health bars. This way you can get maximum efficiency out of speedboost/heal swapping.
07/25/2017 05:44 AMPosted by WarGoat
All the supports should have this as an interface option tbh.

EDIT: Lucio might prove to be a bit of a problem due to the nature of his AoE healing. A lot of smaller bars in a row maybe?

Ana would also be tricky because she doesn't provide continuous healing
I don't play Zen at all, but I think that this would be a great addition that wouldn't really affect his overall power. I also think that a welcome change would be for Zen's healing target to be able to see his health bar, just like what happens with Mercy's beam.
07/25/2017 05:08 AMPosted by Hornwood
I love playing Zen. I love topping the healing charts when I'm not supposed to. I love marking players like an old fashioned Wow hunter. I love keeping that one guy who really wants to play Genji (and nothing else) alive when other healers can't keep up.

I don't like straining my ears to determine if my healing is working over the din of battle.

There have been a lot of quality of life changes over the year. I love them all. However, it boggles my mind that Zen still needs to guess by sound if his friends are alive. I'm not an old guy, but I'm getting older (38). It would really help my enjoyment of the game if I had the same UI as Mercy when playing my favorite healer hero.

Also, if this is a question of it being a Mercy design thing, I question the design. Mercy is always going to be somewhere near her target, so she can glance up and know right away if the person is about to get flanked to death. The bar in her case is almost an extra bit of information. In Zen's case, if my target is around a wall somewhere I have no idea (beyond desperately watching their bar through the wall). I'm actually at a disadvantage because I can't turn my camera away and do other things.

TL'DR: you've done many great things in a year. The UI overall is awesome. Please give Zen the health bar we've been asking for since beta.

YES! maybe a Bar for the discorded enemys health and who u discorded if u poke and spam E its hard to see who u discorded
Bumping this. Please add it as a toggle option for Zen!
They should have this tested on the PTR hint hint
07/25/2017 08:37 AMPosted by Thanatos
Every time this thread comes up I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't need this feature. Not saying it's a bad idea, but, honestly, what would you use it for?

Orb of Harmony is a fire-and-forget ability. You toss it on someone in the front lines who's likely to take damage, and then you go to town with Discord and damage, while putting Harmony on people who need it.

If you need to keep track of health, as others have said, you can turn on allied health bars, or even just pay attention to the color of your teammates' silhouettes.

A health bar would honestly do nothing for me but clutter my screen, as a Zen main. I can't control the rate of the Orb's healing. If I see the health bar of my Harmony target start dropping like crazy, they are either getting focused, or they are out of position... neither which Zen can do anything about, except maybe make a callout in voice chat that they need focus heals from Ana or Mercy. But that's something the Ana or Mercy should already see on their own, due to the silhouette colors and/or the critical health icon.

Just my 2 cents.

Dude no oddense but if that's how you play zenyatta you must be awful with him. He is not a 'fire and forget' kinda playstyle, he's extremely micro management based.

Also, your points feel rather contradicting.
Zen is the healer with the most multitasking potential. He literally has to juggle those balls(read: orbs) constantly, so this tweak is a no-brainer.
TLDR: you've done many great things in a year.
Thanks! You too.
07/25/2017 08:37 AMPosted by Wausau
Your orbs are meant to be where they're needed most, not sitting idle on a single person for too long. If you have to look in a different direction, chances are, the bulk of the fight is happening in the direction you are now looking and someone else now needs that orb more than the person that currently has it.
If it's not, then you're either looking in the wrong direction, or you'll be turning back towards the person with the orb in a matter of seconds.

I agree with this 100%, and it's why I don't think the OP's suggestion is actually all that useful.

I don't see any particular reason NOT to have it though, as long as it's a toggle-able UI thing.

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