Please allow groups to join AI again

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I'm kinda meh on the issue. I didn't play it too much but I know some friends do.....sometimes I join them for some fun....
They've always treated the vs AI crowd as 2nd class citizens.

The Overwatch team had a vision of how their game SHOULD be played, and they've always actively discouraged people from playing it ways not envisioned by them.

They don't want people to mainly play PvE. They want people to focus on PvP, preferably in competitive, and only take breaks and play some event modes from time to time, only to feel rejuvenated and return to the core game of 6v6 PvP.

This is nothing new.

If I still played OW, I'd be upset about their further marginalization of their PvE playerbase, alas I don't anymore, so I can hardly say I'm upset. However, you have my sympathies, and my hope that the devs will one day see that however a player wants to play their game, they should be encouraged to do so.
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Apparently it is under training but you can't join as a group. Not sure if exp is even available under training? This sucks. I mainly play that mode. Bought the game for that reason. Not going to stick around and buy loot boxes, etc. if I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to try to recreate something that was there from the beta.

Play vs AI has been merged with Practice vs AI. The inability to queue as a group is a bug, and is fixed in an upcoming patch.
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You can make a custom game, but then this necessitates that you always have a 6-stack. What if you only have a 5 or 4-stack? We usually rely on matchmaking to fill in whatever slots we're missing so we can still go and play as a group of 6.

You can add bots to both teams...

I know that can be done - the point here is that there was already an existing "Play vs AI" game mode that was working, nobody was complaining about it or anything. Why was the functionality even removed in the first place?

Like I mentioned in my original post, there are work-arounds to the situation and we're all well-aware of these non-optimal solutions. The question here is why this was done in the first place when it didn't really necessitate changing. Why not just concentrate on changing competitive mode? There seems to be a lot of complaints there.
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Play vs AI has been merged with Practice vs AI. The inability to queue as a group is a bug, and is fixed in an upcoming patch.

This is great to hear! Thanks for linking it!
No worries Furion.
Why can't y'all leave a perfectly fine game mode alone. People don't realize there is a whole community that plays Vs. AI because they aren't comfortable with the competitiveness of Quick Play or Competitive. I've never been a fan of PvP myself, so being able to play against AI with friends was very enjoyable. Things were absolutely fine and Blizzard didn't need to meddle with it and take away a mode that many people enjoyed.
Still not fixed properly

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