Are you flexing?

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Are you flexing characters or not?

If you are, why?
If you're not, why not?

Do you only find the game fun because of one hero or do you think all/many heroes are fun?

I don't get why people are "maining" but hasn't even tried more characters, I mainly play like 5 characters but I've at least tried them all. Why don't you? :-)
I flex. I'll have my preferred pick, but if it isn't working, or everyone else insta-locks something, I'll change to whatever I feel (or what team suggests I often ask what they would prefer) would give us the best chance of winning.
I generally pick towards the end, except on KOTH maps where I instalock Lucio. I still end up playing healers like 95% percent of the time.

Basically, I know I'm going to play healer anyway, and seeing what other people are playing helps me decide which healer to play. Sometimes I end up playing tank. Very rarely I end up playing DPS. But, I think it's best to let my teammates pick heroes they're good at because I can do decently with what's left over most of the time.
In Comp I tend to go Zen or Winston. If those are taken I might dabble with DPS. I flex, but have those heroes I feel I am solid with.

In QP and Arcade it is almost exclusively Tracer right now.
why would I flex when the system punishes me for doing so, and instead rewards me for one-tricking the whole time?
hell no xd, why should i try to flex when not even half of the roster is viable
Ye, i flex.

But in reality it means that I play 80% of the time support, 19% tank and 1% dps.

Why? Hmm. I like winning - and like 70% of the DPS-only players get toxic when they can't play DPS or they refuse going healer.

I would like to get good at more DPS heroes and play them in comp, but the toxicity man... It ruins so many games.
After Season 1 I realised Junkrat may be not ideal for every stage and every situation (he was the first character I played with, and I played with him only) so I started playing with other heroes and classes as well. I like to be a healer now mostly (Lúcio, Zenyatta) but if I have to, yeah, I can change to tank (Winston, Zarya), offense (Soldier: 76, Reaper) or defense (Mei, and rarely Torbjörn, Bastion, Junkrat). Hey, I even ended up to Platinum from Silver alone, so it works for me!
I flex because I have confidence in myself with anything and I know i give it 110% to play.

I would rather the other 5 members pick someone they are comfortable with and I choose last.

The mind I have is, I talk, if they are nice, then i can Barter for my pharah, but otherwise, I always pick last to make sure the whole team are happy and I ask them to tell me what they need.

I trust myself more than anything, (obviously) and therefore KNOW i will try than throw for a character I want. Feel i am dependable on, and i will always listen to the team, unless they are being utterly stupid asking for a fourth dps from me.

I will play Reaper if you need me to, I have less that 2 hours with him (beginning of season 5) but i will try my hardest. I watch enough pro vids of all characters so i sort of know the method.
Not reliable idea but if no one switches, I make sure I try my best to help.
i tried all of them but discovered that my playstyle just doesnt fit in with some of them (mada mada)
07/21/2017 06:38 AMPosted by XenoW
hell no xd, why should i try to flex when not even half of the roster is viable

You could flex among those that are viable. There are 24 heroes. So, if, say 9 of them are viable, that still leaves plenty of room to pick something viable regardless of what your team does.
I'll gladly play anything but I have my preferred pick which if you let me choose I'll go soldier or genji but I normally pick last
Do I flex? Why yes, I do main a healer.

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