Effective Hero Damage / Elimination Damage Stat

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Maybe consider adding "effective hero damage", or "elimination damage". This would indicate how much of every players' hero damage ( displaying % in addition to value ) led to eliminations.

This would be calculated by determining how much of every players' overall hero damage wasn't healed or regenerated through armor.

This stat would accurately indicate which players were more consistent in terms of dealing damage in certain areas at the proper times over the course of a match, as well as a transparent display of follow up damage as a team. The stat would put a lot of emphasis on the importance of having focus targets and priority as well, which is essential.

I think that of all the statistics we have access to, the average competitive player would prefer having a stat like this to refer to. Although individual hero stats generally shouldn't be referred to for determining the issues with matches, we could at the very least have statistics that are a bit more relevant to the results so that it's not as misleading. Not saying that it should take the place of any other stats, just included and prioritized as a card/medal over hero damage in comp.

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