Bug Report
ZARYA ULT EFFECT nullifies the movement specials.. understood.. but you shouldn't be using cooldowns as the measure..

i.e. Doomfist full compliment of moves ready..
Zarya sticks him in her ult.. after ult.. I should still have my moves ready to go.. Not reset my cool downs though, why not just apply a small EMP effect instead of going the backwards route you are.

Or please explain WHY zaryas Ult makes all the cool downs start?

that just doesn't make any sense. because its like a huge FREAKING TRIPLE HANDICAP and with the cooldowns, that means her AFTEREFFECTS last another 10 secs (for doomfist in this example rounded up) So why Zars Ult. allowed a 20 second rough window?

It is in my humble opinion that this be looked at and modified.
Agreed. I wonder if it removes all of Tracer's blinks.
I think I'm going to make a list of the heroes it affects. Because coming out of the ult + cool down counter reset just doesn't make any sense.

I have found a few other bugs, but this one is just out of place.

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