Quick Sweep the Roadhog problem Under the rug

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Well it toke them months of beta + 1 year release to suddenly understand that Hog 1 shot is a no no... no other hero got that strange change in his kit, you can argue that sym and bastion were broken on release but Hog was not broken, and now they changed him to something else. He was a slow vape nation killer, now he will be a useless M e t h user running crazed and healing himself never killing anybody, sad...

Hmm haven't though about it, the Drug angle... Hog is using somekind of a drug, is this makes OW rating go up, could it be a problem for OW PG 8+ audience?
07/29/2017 12:30 PMPosted by Ungod
Really? Have you seen these forums and how fast they can move?

This is ultimately what it comes down to. Part of the job of the moderation team is to help keep the forums organized. It is significantly easier to collect feedback posted in a single thread than to try and keep track of 20+ different discussions in just as many different threads.

If you would like to contribute to the current Roadhog discussion, please do so in the established thread. Thank you.

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