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08/03/2017 01:04 PMPosted by SKoRM
It's been like a week with doomfist now and I have yet to be killed by anything but his rocket punch. Maybe died to his ultimate like once or twice.

If you think that's good design then you're just as incompetent as the people who designed him.

"I don't like it so it must be bad design" The whole point of Doomfist is his fist.

You're sounding just like the people that got Roadhog nerfed. Get out.
Just rework his right click so that it doesnt have the hitbox of genji dash ffs, even roadhog needed more skill to oneshot someone and they nerfed him, doesnt make any sense
i never asked for a roadhog nerf btw, i was surprised they did this, but the doomfist we got now is not what the game needs, when ppl are alrdy tilted af about the current rank situation, getting smashed into a wall and oneshot with 0 possibilty to avoid on most heroes, certainly wont help
Just make it so Doomfist can't punch through barriers. Because that's a bit much and removes any counterplay.
08/04/2017 02:40 AMPosted by Ramaeus
Just make it so Doomfist can't punch through barriers. Because that's a bit much and removes any counterplay.

This would render him useless.
08/03/2017 02:16 PMPosted by Tanis
If you can land 3-4 consecutive shots on him, he's pretty much dead. I kill him much more easily as Zen due to his hitbox compared to other divers and flankers.

You kill him while he's shoooting at someone else - which is his bad play, and not your good play obviously .. Don't count bad gameplay as countering.

It's a loud !@# punch that requires positioning and is dangerous to use.

Dangerous? Only if you don't know how to position as Doomfist. If you want it like that, then Pharah is in danger to shoot her rockets because Soldier/Widow may kill her on sight ..

Doomfist is throwing himself into the enemy, and his other two moves are crap at escaping because they're floaty and predictable.

Again .. if you don't know how to play Doomfist, you'll attack 6 people at once, while they're all idle .. which is not the way you should play any hero. If you attacked 6 heroes as Roadhog hook.v2 you would die instantly as well.
Roadhog could one shot anywhere on the map, with no danger to himself.

No, he couldn't. He could only get you if you're not paying attention to where he is. And he can't move fast, or jump and you always know where he is and what he's about to do, and if he misses the hook(average players have around 40-50% accuracy with the hook) he's fked.

Roadhog could heal himself and build up 25% of his ult at 300 health.

Not true. Also, while he heals he's stationary, with a crit box size of Alaska .. that 300 hp is gone in under half a second if team mates aren't helping him ..

Doomfist has nothing; he's useless against Sombra and the majority of other characters, no self-heal, and he only his only potential survivability is his shields which require Doomfist to do ability damage.

Really? Well Sombra could hack Roadhog as well, and then kill him right? And also, you're probably up for nerfing "scatter arrow" because "no aim needed", right? But Doomfist's "I'll just hold righ button and release in general direction with targetbox size of Nevada" is skill needed, right? He's very cheap hero, I'm actually embarassed to play him, it feels like having cheats active ...

Get used to Doomfist before you $%^-* and moan about your inability to pay attention to your surroundings.

That's just stupid. That is more true for Roadhog, who can't fly to you .. he's extremelly slow and can't jump around, you can always know where Roadhog is.
You need just one moment of distraction to miss where Doomfist has gone ..
08/03/2017 12:32 PMPosted by TartauKeBaB
08/03/2017 12:30 PMPosted by Wolvesbane
Last time I checked, Oneshots are not ok. Nerf the hit box, make it so it only one hits on a fully charged shot, or double the cooldown. There balanced.

last time YOU checked one shots were not ok WITH SCRUBS.

One shots are in CS:GO do you hear them crying?

Well you see here csgo actually takes alot of mechanical skill to play unlike overwatch
His rocket punch needs at least a ten second cool down or just completely remove it. 1 shot no skill abilities have no place in a competitive game. He has way too much health and mobility to have a 1 shot no skill right click every 4 seconds. I don't know how he made it into the game in his current state.

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