So i lost 1000 sr in 2 days

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I honestly think Blizzard should rethink how win and loss streaks work, since these stories of SR roller coasters (Myself included) is frustratingly common. Removing performance SR at Diamond and above MAY help, but there is no guarantee since it is also possible I get pitted with terrible players or against great ones too sequentially.
Simple comp rule lose 2 games in a row stop playing for awhile
I honestly think Blizzard should rethink how necroposting works
08/15/2017 02:18 AMPosted by Diana
I was 20 points away from Master at the first half of the season. Now I'm 20 points away from Diamond LUL. One good match is usually followed by around 10 matches with throwers or DPS-only comps.
Or !@#$ty DPS comps. Lately I have been insta-locking healer (Mercy or Moria) to only find myself getting trashed (more so on Mercy). To the point even if I am the only healer I swap to 76 or reaper cause I just get pissed off. Even with only ~1/2 the match as a DPS I pull out silvers in kills.
12/18/2017 11:19 AMPosted by Elliot6789
I lost 400 sr last week and have been on the climb again simply if I lose 2 in a row I just take a 30-45 minute brake and come back to it.

legit why are people downvoting this? you people are legit nuts. its good to take a break when ur tilted.
Attempting to rank up is fruitless, you WILL get a disproportional number of morons that will drag you down, there is no way around it.

The best thing to do is throw until bronze, then actually have fun playing Overwatch, since you can do things like go Tracer and get 50 kills and totally carry and feel good about your time spent playing the game, instead of angry and frustrated which is the ONLY emotion this games gives me when I do try to rank up.
Ranking up is possible but takes hundreds of hours, especially with an account that's been playing since season 1 (thus encouraging you to buy a new account). Losing 1000 SR in a matter of just a few short hours is easy because of bad matchmaking system. Obviously a broken system that works against you. Always has and always will be broken. You'll just have to accept that they will make slow improvements but never get there.
You want to tell me that you lost like 30+ games in one day without even thinking of stopping playing ranked for the day? you are a wiser man, I hope.
02/18/2018 05:15 AMPosted by Shabazza
You want to tell me that you lost like 30+ games in one day without even thinking of stopping playing ranked for the day? you are a wiser man, I hope.

Why should I have to stop if I'm playing to enjoy the game? There's no difference if you stop in one day or play another day
I'm in the same boat.

It seems like everytime I play weekends I drop. I try and flex every game and I still lose and whatever job I play I am getting consistent golds or get the card after every game (sometimes the only card for my team) I be at such a lost for words and it's very frustrating.

I am currently on a 300 SR drop and honestly don't want to touch the game today because it's still Sunday.
Did you lose for like 50 straight games? What is you rank though?

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